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Liberator for Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue?

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08/27/2013 1:33pm

I'm looking to replace the stock speaker in my Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue. I've considered several different types like the Celestion Creamback, Vintage 30, Eminence Redcoat and some Jensen ceramics.

However, I really like the quality and sound that WGS have to offer at these prices. I live in the UK and Celestions are expensive here as well.

I like certain characters about the stock speaker in my Blues Deluxe Reissue but I'm not keen on the woolly bottom end and the sometimes harsh highs. These are more prominent when I use pedals with the amp. I'm currently using a Fulltone OCD for overdrive through the clean channel and sometimes a Maxon OD9 Pro+ as a gain boost.

Which WGS will be suitable for this setup?

I'm currently considering the WGS C12C or the WGS Liberator as a replacement speaker.

Any help will be appreciated.

08/30/2013 12:12pm

I give "thumbs-up" to the Lib ... and down to the G12C ... which you would probably find too harsh with the BD.

09/04/2013 7:07am

Thanks Vaughn. I'll be getting the Liberator on payday!

02/15/2014 12:02pm

I am also looking for a replacement speaker for a Blues Deluxe and am curious if the Liberator, while cutting down on the highs, is able to still retain some of the spank characteristic of funk and chicken pickin' styles. I'd like to find a speaker that is warm and full, but that is also tight and has the ability to cut through the mix. I'd like it to be versatile and to be suitable for most playing styles as well. I am looking at both the Liberator and Retro 30 as options. 

Thanks for your input.


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I've read most of the forum responses regarding a replacement speaker in a Fender Blues Deluxe and I am leaning towards an ET65.  While the warmer aspects othe speaker seem desirable, I'd also like to keep some spank for chicken pickin' and funk type styles as well.  The reason I am interested in changing the stock speaker is because it is a little too nasaly and a little brittle for my tastes.  Will the ET65 provide warm yet crisp cleans while maintaining some of the spank I've mentioned?  



02/15/2014 12:54pm

Since they are pretty much the same amp (with the HRDX having an extra gain stage over the Blues Deluxe) ... be SURE to check out:

07/09/2014 10:34am

I just replaced the original speaker with a Reaper HP. My decision was based mostly on Vaughn's massive HRD shootout. The summary was that the Reaper HP was a lot like the orignal but fatter and no ice pick. The Reaper HP is exacltly that. I'm still dialing in the settings but it gets better every time out. FYI, my other reference point is the G12C/S in my 70s Deluxe. I love that speaker in that amp but it is definitely too dark for me for the BDR.

07/12/2014 12:19pm

Thanks for taking the time to post your results!

08/11/2014 9:24pm

I'm now looking for a replacement for my BDRI as well. I'd like something lower efficiency so I can cut the volume up more. I'm using the amp as a pedal platform, and I'd like to retain that nice tweed tone with tighting the bass without losing bass response and warming up the amp a bit.



I've been reading a lot of the forums on speaker suggestions for the Blues Deluxe RI, but I can't seem to find a good suggestion for what I need. I'd like a lower-efficiency speaker for the amp so I can get more headroom and turn up the volume more to push the tubes without getting as insanely loud as the amps likes to be (sorry about the long sentence). I play mainly fusion and blues, but my interests really are all over the place. I need something versatile that with tame the ice-pick highs and tighten the lows without losing the tweed voicing of the amp. Remember, though, lower-efficiency.

It doesn't have to be the lowest, but something that will play nice. I'm only using the amp for tweed cleans and as a pedal platform, running a Wampler Paisley Drive for lighter stuff and a Sovereign for the heavier. I like fat, thick cleans that don't break up, but with the lower-efficiency requirement, I'm not sure what would be best.

I hope I'm not repeating anything someone else said, but couldn't find the specific information I needed. I want to stick with WGS speakers as I've had great luck with them in my other amps.




I'm sure the question has been asked before, but I'm new to the forums, so please bear with with me. I just purchased a brand new Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue. I became a believer in WGS speakers when at the suggestion of a friend I swapped the original speaker in my Fender Supersonic 22 for Warehouse ET-65. The amp came alive!

So, I'm on the search for a replacement for the coming BDRI. I'm using it as a pedal platform, but what appeals to me is that it's built on a tweed circuit. I don't want to loose that tweed sound. What I am trying to accomplish is as follows: a lower efficiency speaker to push the tubes harder and get louder at higher volume settings, something to tighten the bass without losing bass response, and smooth the highes. Though not a deal-breaker, adding a little mids wouldn't be bad.

I'm using the amp as a pedal platform and don't plan to rely on the amp's gain. I like smooth, very thick, cleans without early breakup and a good bit of headroom. I play blues, fusion, and some jazz. I do run high gain pedals through for the heavier stuff.

Much appreciation for any advice folks may give, especially Mr. Vaughn, whose awesome videos helped me decide on the ET65 for my Supersonic, a killer choice to be sure. ;)

08/13/2014 9:25am

Hi ... you must be excited about the new amp ... I took your TWO new topics and merged them with this one!

please see:

The problem with a low efficiency speaker in this amp is that it ALSO needs to be able to handle 40 real tube watts!  So, most light small voice-coil speakers are out!  Of the WGS line ... probably the same ET65 that you already know & love will bring you the closest to what you want ... so that's my recommendation for you :-)