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Laser Beams

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Joseph E Gallego
01/19/2012 1:24pm

I have been using vintage 30s for a long time and have always had a hole in the crowd in front of my amp.

They sound awesome off to the side however I can not get the laser beam directed high grating to go away.

I have done everything possible on the amp side, currently using 2 Bugera 1960's with ethe bright caps removed, all JJ pre and power tubes changed power tubes to jj6v6s and added post phase inverter master volumes. The amps are great and I have even added the tone Bra attenuators over the speakers which are in an Egnater 4x12 and they have done nothing. I play a blend of Classic Rock, Modern Rock, Blues, From Mr Big to the Police to whatever Clean and Dirty and need a good all around speaker that I dont have to run my cab around facing the wall to enjoy.

Any Suggestions.

01/19/2012 6:23pm

That is the common ailment with Vint 30's ... but you seem to have a worse case than usual!

Speaker wise, that's why our Vet 20's are like a Vintage 30 ... only with the ice-pick removed!  Our ET65's are a VERY warm Britt voiced speaker you should also consider.

Now a question?  Are you using some super sterile and harsh pickups (ie: tele bridge pu or single coil EMG's or the like)?  If so, that could be part of the problem ... just a thought?

Joseph E Gallego
01/20/2012 12:06pm

I really am interseted in a possible blend of speakers.

I have tried pickups, guitars, pedals, amps etc it all comes back to speakers.

Looking for a blend of Piano clarity and Warmth, good for clean and dirty with a tight low end and smooth high.

Any Suggestions?



01/20/2012 4:47pm

Go for a pair of ET65's in the bottom and a pair of Veteran 30's on top of your 4x12.  Also, I'm not familiar with the Egnater cab ... is it a "big box" ... like a Marshall 1960?  If not, switch to a 1960 sized cab ... anything smaller just doesn't have enough internal volume for a quad of twelves, and winds up sounding harsh and thin by comparison. 

Hope this helps, please post back here with your results!