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Large 2 x 12 cab for harmonica

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Collan Fraser
01/05/2016 5:58pm

Hi there guys i know this question has come up before but none of the answers really fit my situation.

I have a Jansen 2X12 Cab (told its the same as large fender cab). I run a jansen Head that says bassman on the front but its circit is more like a bandmaster. I run bass,guitar and harmonica thru it. the head has 2 6l6gt's as power valves get around 60 watts with a bass or a guitar but only around 40 with a mic for harmonica.

in the one reply i found where a Bass was used you recomended to ET90's will my head drive en ok or should I go with the ET65's or is there a beter setup that may suit Harmonica beter.



Collan F

01/21/2016 1:44pm

Yea ... in that big box, I think you will like the ET65s much better ... go with them!

Collan Fraser
02/12/2016 6:24am

Thanks for the info Vaughn, just ordered a pair of ET65's

hope they sound goood with shipping and exchange rate thats just over $400 (problem with living at the ass end of the world) so i wanted to be sure before i bought.

just seen your shoot out between the ET65 and the ET90, seems the 90 handels more power but need more to drive it to the same volume lvl's as the 65 and i'm limited on power with my valve head.

how do you recomend braking these in ?

02/12/2016 9:28pm

First ... just let me know when you want to do a house-swap for a week or two ... I'd love a little time in the "ass-end of the world"!  Second,as far as break-in ... the ET65's need almost no break-in to get to 100% ... just a few hours of fairly loud playing get's them fully broken-in!

Oh, and ... I think you know we have an excellent dealer in Australlia, right? 



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Collan Fraser
02/13/2016 4:30pm

once again thanks for the info.

how will these handle keyboard got a friend wants to borrow for an upcomin gig, would be used with my holden solid state head. 100 watts into 16 ohms (real watts too, not those chinese ones) keyboard has alot of bottom end.

will let ya know how they go with harmonica once I get i'm in the cab.

02/14/2016 10:11pm

Should be fine if he dosn't overload the amp and push the SS head into hard square-wave clipping!

Collan Fraser
02/25/2016 2:12am

Good Choice man, the Et65's arrived @ work today been itchen all day to try em out.

first  I ripped thereally worn out old plesesy Alinco's out of the cab and opened the "WGS box o delight" first thing I noticed was the ET65's are a bit liter than the old pleessy's but not too lite (you can stil tell there's qualty steel in there lol) and they have the big dust caps that are recomended for harp.

screwed em into the cab jeez the look good too such a shame to screw the back on no one will see em (hmmm wonder how a perspex cab sounds?) anyway grabed my 60 watt harmonica amp that was on the bench getting a few repairs pluged it into the cab and my mate who plays guitar showed up so in goes the three pick up telle I built and Nic goes to town on it, speakers sound good so I plugs in my bass have a noodle sounds ok too,

SO then the BIG test plug in my harp mic screw the gain up to aboutg 2/3's and whale.

well I gotta Tell you the sound is FANTASTIC. big BIG sound no feedback and i was sitting right in front of the cab and the tone, i think i died an went to heaven lol.

this is no damn good at all........ it's hard to play blues when your so dmn happy