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JTM45 amp goes Fender sound??

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06/08/2015 1:57pm

Hey guys,

I usually play a '64 Super Reverb with stock CTS ceramics. I love this wide and open tone that comes out of the amp.

Well, but I do love my JTM45 style Captain M45 amp which is a exact replica of a '64 JTM45 amp. The 2x12" cab is loaded with two pre rola G12H speaker which are great but to my ears they don't have the clarity, sparkle and wide and open tone I love from the Fender amps. So, I thought I can replace the Celestions to get closer to this Fender sound. I know I can't match it 100% but I believe there's a chance to get closer to the Fender sound.

What kind of 12" speakers would you recommend for my 2x12" cab. And would you recommend other speakers for a 2x12" combo?



06/10/2015 1:33pm

The Celestians are probably just plain tired!  I bet they sounded GREAT 40-50 years ago.

I would go with a pair of ET65's in the cab ... sounds like EXACTLY what you want!

Oh, and if your cab isn't open-back ,,, you'll never get the organic room-filling sound of the Super (My FAVORITE amp).

See:  https://wgs4.com/index.php?q=difference-speaker-can-make-your-guitar-amp

And the SWEEET ending: https://wgs4.com/difference-cabinet-can-make-your-guitar-rig

06/11/2015 7:44am

Oh, I forgot to mention that I can open the cab. I can open just one side or both sides.

Well, I'll get a Bluesbreaker style combo housing for it next week. I'm more a combo player than cab and head. Because the Super Reverb is my favorite amp, too. I got a quartett of Veteran 10 for my other '76 Super Reverb. These are amazing by the way!

That's why I'm asking.

So, you would say a pair of ET65's will bring a fenderish sound to my JTM45? hmm... That's interesting. I didn't had those on my list. Just from the description I would have said that the G12C/S are not that bad for what I'm looing for.

Because playing with a Tube Screamer through the JTM45 the top end is not very smooth, it's sharp and a bit like a chain saw. grrrrrrrrr :-P


Thanks again!


06/15/2015 2:45am

I just finished building a JTM45 clone.  I also built a 2x12" speaker cab for it and loaded it with a Retro30/ET65 pair.  Only had about an hours worth of playing on it so far, but it's magic.

06/15/2015 6:55am

I just finished building a JTM45 clone and 2x12" speaker cab.  Loaded the cab with a Retro30/ET65 pair.  It's only had about an hours worth of playing, but it's magic.

06/17/2015 4:28am

Hey Vaughn, hey guys,

I was so curious about how different types of speakers can change the amp's tone that I pulled the trigger for two G12C/S speakers.

And what can I say?! These are just great. These are the first factory new speakes I played that just sound great right from the beginning. A little bit to hard and shrill in the upper highs, but they need to be played in.
But they do what I expected they should do.

They swtich the JTM45 from Marshall to a Fender like tone with the typically sparkling and wide tone. Just a great combination. I know that everybody says that Marshall or a JTM45 and Greenbacks are the perfect dream match and playing a Marshall with American voiced speakers is not vintage correct and bla bla bla.

But for what I'm looing for it's just perfect. I got this Fender clear and sparkling tone with a Strat and Tele and playing my Les Paul or ES I got this powerful Marshall tone. Well, it's great.

I know that Vaughn said I should put ET 65's in it. Maybe I have the chance to try them someday but I'm really happy.

On this weekend I move the amp from its head into a Bluesbreaker style combo where I install the G12C/S. I'm very excited and will post my review soon.


06/27/2015 4:56am

Hi Fabian,

though this may be an unusual choice, you might consider getting 2 TT Converters and get a pair of G10C.

I guess this might be a really good and still punchy sound in a JTM, which might bring you closer to the californian sound. Also, maybe even better, could be a ET65/G10C mix - and you might only need one converterring.

...and yes - go for open back is strongly recommended