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ISO speaker with 'bounce' + 'authority' for Mesa SOB

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01/15/2016 1:03pm

Greetings from down here on the lower right corner of civilization,

I seek a speaker to replace my MB/Celly C90 in a Mesa Son Of The Original Boogie (SOB, S.O.B.) 1x12 combo. The amp is a stripped down homage to the first edition Boogies (the Mark I builds), which are 'enhanced' little Fender combos with big iron, stout speakers and a more mid-focused voice.

I have a WGS Blackhawk HP in an oversized, semi-open cab that I use with a Dumble Steel String Singer (SSS) inspired amp. That set-up is PERFECT down herewhen I don't have to do quick load-ins, but is a tank. I picked up the SOB as a more compact approximation for a recurrent travel gig in a city 1.5 kilomiles north of theseparts. In that scene, I play African instrumental rock music where the guitar parts are highly arpeggiated and "clean", but also have MASS. The lines need to 'bounce' to create the right feeling and a wee bit of compression helps keep this from going off the rails with volume spikes when skipping strings. I use P90 and minihumbuckers, FWIW.

I've been at this for decades. Looking for a smaller, easier to schlep, solution than the SSS rig. At this point, the SOB is pretty good, now that I swapped in a lower mu dual triode in V1, but I want a more lively speaker that weighs less. Frankly, the lighter I can get this rig the better, so long as I maintain the core tones and response that I need.

What is the lightest WGS 12" speaker that would get me there? I do not require thunderous lows, but a solid foundation is welcome. I do not need piercing highs, but some sparkle on the top tickles the old earholes nicely. I am eyeballing the Blackhawk HP (which I know well, but is not "light"), the G12C/S and the ETS65. I do not run my amp up above about half on the input 2 volume (for them in the know), so I am not near the "60 watts RMS" <snort> output of the SOB combo. I am OK running the risk with  a lower output driver, so long as the basic sonic and dynamic signature is there in the lightest package.

Thanks in advance for your guidance.