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I'm in major suspense now.. eagerly awaiting ET90 review !!

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10/02/2013 7:06am
Hiya there Vaughn, always enjoying your ever insightful reviews & videos! 
To tell you the truth I was THIS close to putting an order through & grabbing a couple of ET65's to put in my Fender Mustang IV combo & then no kidding a day later I saw a post saying that the ET90 is due to come out :)).  Since the ET65 is such a well praised & overall great speaker I was almost 100% sure its what I wanted. And the fact that the amp is 150 watts & an open back, it got me thinking that perhaps I should hold off for just a little until an official review comes through or better yet, one of your awesome video reviews :)..   I was just wondering, would the ET90 have the same great characteristic of its smaller brother & since its a 90 water, would it be much more difficult to get the cone moving or need lots more volume to do so ?  
Only reason I'm asking is because I would love a speaker that does have quite a good bit of headroom, like the classic Fane's in particular. I've always been digging the Big Muff/ Gilmour tones, and at the same time love the Fendery cleans as well as Marshally crunch! 
Another dilemma I have is thinking of  choosing another speaker to pair with either the ET 65/90 ?  I believe a pair of either of them would sound good on their own but was thinking to maybe match it with something to compliment the tone.  Was opting for perhaps the recommended pairing of either a Liberator or the Retro 30. Both of them are obviously higher powered speakers. The Liberator being a close relative of the ET's, I thought would be a good match with its extra mids & presence, but the Retro could be a nice pairing also. The only thing I'm concerned about with the Retro though is that its supposed to have quite more highs/trebly, and I wouldn't want to boost those frequencies on an amp that already is a bit fizzy. Though maybe I'm wrong on that one, what do you think ?  So anyways, in the end I would really love to HEAR what you'd have to say about the newly arrived ET & hopefully we can see it in a video review & maybe in a shootout with other speakers :). 
Thanks again for the help & guidance Vaughn, keep on rockin' & look forward to more of your awesome posts ! 
Cheers,   Tom 
10/02/2013 1:05pm

I'm chomping at the bit to do some head-to-head shoot-outs with the new ET65, too!

In particular, I'll be interested in the ET65 vs ET90!

BTW, I'm also a lover of old Fanes ... my '65 Bassman in the 1x12 custom cab w/the Fane is the best sounding 1x12 rig I've ever heard.  That would be a good speaker to compare to the ET90, too...

10/02/2013 11:37pm

Agreed ! :). Those vintage Fanes held their own very well & are a super versatile speaker. 

Just in terms of tone & compatibity, I personally prefer higher wattage speakers with a distinct scooped mids tone & to have a tight bottom end. This allows me to have rich headroom and a transparent tone for my pedals. I've never tried out any WGS speaker apart from hearing the audio clips, but based on the sound I'm after, would you say that the ET's have the kind of tone I mentioned ? 

Also, given that they're a warmer/darker speaker, would a pairing with a Retro 30 or similar brighter speaker work & could it balance out the highs that the Retro etc. would normally put out ?  Only reason I'm thinking is because I've heard you mention the Retro tends to stay true to that genuine Fender clean mojo. 




10/03/2013 11:29am

Given your taste, you are dead-on with the ET65 (& maybe the new ET90).

And yes, I have always liked the ET/Ret30 pairing ... and I just bet I'll like it even better with the ET90.


04/24/2014 2:30pm

Guys, I would think the ET65 would still be best with the V30 style speakers and the ET90 could mix well with the CL80 types. What about this - V30/ET65 and G12K-100/ET90? I ask because I am looking to adjust what I have in my current V30 and G12K-100 cabs.