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I really need help, I can't decide between Veteran 30s or Retro 30s

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05/07/2013 5:08pm



I am owning a JCA22H from Jet City and will get a Palmer 2x12 cabinet with a closed back. I am mainly playing rock/metal the bands I like are Alter Bridge, Shinedown, Rise Against and Papa Roach.


Unluckily I cannot decide between the  Veteran 30s or Retro 30s. I hope someone can help my, thank you very much in advance :)


 - Christian

05/07/2013 10:29pm

Did you also ask this question on my youtube channel?

The Ret 30 will sound a little more "modern", with a bit more top and bottom.

The Vet 30 will sound more classic, with just a bit less top & bottom.

Either choice would be good for your head & cab.

05/08/2013 1:45am

Yes I asked the question there too, sry for asking twice. But I was really undecided, which do you think is more versatile so that I can play clean or nearly clean stuff too?

05/26/2013 11:33pm

I was in the same boat.  I already had two Vet 30's and couldn't decide whether to get two more for my 4x12 or sell them and go all Retro 30's.  So....I went with both.  I have the retro's and vet's in an x pattern in my cab.  Each speaker will get me the tone that I want so I couldn't go wrong with either one.  However, they are just different enough that they give my cab just a little extra character than if it was loaded with all of the same speaker.  It's not a big tonal difference like mixing vintage 30s with 75s but like I said, both great speakers that together, give my cab just a little extra something while both giving me the general tone I'm looking for.  Both speakers sound great on clean but I also have an amp with a very thick and clear clean tone.  You really can't go wrong with either speaker.  The retro is a little brighter sounding so that my sway your decision depending on your amp. 

06/09/2013 7:28pm

Hey, I have the same head and run an et65 and veteran 30 in a 2x12 and it sounds great! I also have a jet city jca20 h, the single channel version and I have 2 1x12 cabs containing an et 65 and a retro 30. I have to say I personally find the retro 30 to be overly bright and I am just about ready to order another veteran 30  to replace the retro and take back my sound!