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HP Versions Tonal Changes

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03/18/2013 2:32pm

Howdy WGS.  I have some experience with the Reaper, Reaper 55 and Green Beret.  You offer some models in a Higher Power handling, and I understand that your shop can build most any of your speakers in a HP version.

How wouls you describe tonal changer between a standard 30W versus a HP version of the same speaker?  Say a 50W Reaper 55 or maybe a 75W Green Beret... Is there a general rule of thumb?  The speaker would break up later, but would it sound just like the original?


Your comments will influence my next order ;)




03/20/2013 6:49pm

Well ... generally speaking .... the low power speakers have voice coils wound on paper rather than Kapton.  The difference is subtle, but very much perceivable.  check out my blog:


And, of course when you start getting into the notably higher power speakers, you are using a larger voice coil, possibly combined with heavier/stiffer/more rugged suspension and spider components.  Usually this results in a speaker that is a little less nimble and less transparent. Personally, I recommend going with no higher power speaker than is needed.

These, of course, are all generalities ... each individual speaker design may vary from these generalities to differing amounts.

Hope this helps!

03/24/2013 9:31am

I picked up a Reaper HP so there won't be any trouble with 50W 2x6L6GC home-brew amps.  For comparison I have on hand a British Lead, Private Jack, Greenback G12M, and a Legend V128.


i broke in the Reaper HP with 48 hours of LF test tones (30~100Hz) at about 8 watts, followed by 48h of pink noise at 25W.


the Reaper HP has great tone and balance, but isn't as creamy as the PJ or Greenback. There is a bit of fizz on top of each note, sort of like fret buzz.  I don't hear this with any of the other speakers.  Do you think it just needs more break-in time?  I didn't hear this sound in top of any regular Reapers from the demo videos.


03/25/2013 11:26am

Hi Chad, ...fizz or buzz ... definitely NOT normal!  Sounds like it's bad to me. 

The only question I have is using tones as low as 30Hz with the speaker ... you were using low power, but that's way beyond what it can excurt!  I wouldn't think that would damage it, but might want to call the office and talk to Wayne and see if you need to alter that practice.

Tone-wise the Reaper HP is actually a very warm speaker ... not a good mate for some dark and/or low-watt amps ... but there shouldn't be any "fizz"!

03/25/2013 12:30pm

Thanks Mr. Vaugn.  I understand the dangers of super low frequencies regarding guitar speakers.  I always look for Xmax, but few guitar speakers mention that parameter - most EMI speakers are around 1mm, so I use that for reference.  I set the parametric eq to 30Hz and dial it down -6dB to -10dB for safety, then play a bass test CD that bounces around all over the place.  I monitor current draw and voltage so that the max is close to 8 watts.  Then go to pink noise to cover the rest of the frequencies.


The fizz was present at initial opening of the box, and persists after break-in.  I picked up this Reaper HP from the Customer Exchange 25% off thread, so I did take the risk of getting a bad speaker.  However, I do like the tone, and don't find it to be warm compared to other speakers.


I will call Wayne.



03/25/2013 12:00am

So does mean you could make me a 100 watt Veteran 30?

03/25/2013 8:04am

Vriales, check this thread out:



At the bottom you'll see Vetran HP, which is a 100W Vet 30 8-ohm.  So, yes they can!



03/25/2013 12:34pm

I would need 16 ohm though so that one is out.

04/04/2013 6:06pm

Howdy all,  I wanted to give the conclusion of the 'buzzing' Reaper HP.  Daniel sent a replacement, I just installed it, and let me say it is night-and-day different than the problem speaker!  Honestly I was afraid that I just didn't like the Reaper HP, but not now!  It has a super sweet top end, sexy midrange and just enogh open-back lows to raise the eyebrows of the bass player.  It's an incredible speaker.  When pushed, the midrange just soars.  It's exactly what I was hoping for.


For comparison, it sound very, very similar to my favorite Eminence speaker, the Private Jack.  Take the lows and mids of a Greenback and add AlNiCo highs and give it high power handling, and you have the Reaper HP to my ears.



I don't forget great customer service.