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Honest opinion? Invaders compared to the others!?

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11/28/2012 7:44pm

I really don't want to spend $320 for a pair of Celestion Creambacks nor close to $400 for Scumback M75s or J75s.

What is the concensus on the Invaders? Are they on par with the big guys like Celestion and Scumback? I am building a large diagonal 212 and want it to have a Greenback tone, with tighter and ectended lows, sweet top end.


11/30/2012 11:45am

I really love the invaders, I had a pair in a closed back diagonal 2x12. Sounded incredible with both my AC15 and my 71 Traynor (2xel84, sounds kind of like some strange bassman/plexi hybrid). Everything I loved about greenbacks, great aggressive midrange, articulate growls, immediate and punchy. Handled that wonderful ac15 transition from cleans to crunch smoothly, and I found the top end to be pretty smooth, but still crisp. BIG sound. Bass was super tight, added a full dimension of low end compared to the g12m greenbacks, almost too overpronounced for my YSR-1, which is why I switched them into a semi-open back cabinet.

I don't know very well the other speakers you mentioned, but i did match the invaders up, via a switch, against a vintage 30/ g12h30 combo. Apples and oranges, maybe, but no contest for me. Also mixed the invader with a couple other speakers, and I absolutley prefer them as a pair. well, hope this helps, good luck!