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03/27/2012 12:54pm

Hi guys, About a week before the winners were announced in the custom speaker give away, my 5 watt blackheart little giant was stolen. I have a deal on a fender blues junior with the stock "special design" speaker, the Blues junior is 15 watts, I think the one I have on the way is a good match for it, wanted to ask the good people's opinion on the matter. Should I pull the trigger on the blues junior or get something else?


My custom speaker specs:

Magnet (Heavy or Medium): Medium

Power (30, 65, 90 watt): 30

Dope (heavy, med, none): medium

Dope type (Britt or American): Brittish

Dust Cap: (ET, Vet, Reaper): ET65


Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

03/29/2012 5:32pm

The blues Jr's have insanely tiny little cabinets ... and usually sound quite shrill to me ...

Might sound okay with your new speaker ... IF it would fit.

I gotta tell ya about an amp 've just discovered, though ... the Bugera V22 ... I bought one to do speaker comparisons in and, man-oh-man is it sweet.  I'm an amp nut with a BUNCH of high dollar vintage amps, and the bugera is tonally on par with the best of them.  I'll be posting the vid demo in the next week or two on the blog ... but I can very confidently say that the Blues Jr can't hold a candle to the V22 ... tonally speaking.

Check them out.

03/30/2012 5:52am

I looked at those, thinking 22 watts might be too much juice I passed them by, will definitely hunt one down locally to give a try.

There is a used vox ac15 in my area, but from the price I suspect it is one of the valvetronix ones. I just want a straight ahead tube amp without a bunch of amp modelling or cheesy effects circuits.

The Bugera might be just the ticket.


04/01/2012 7:56pm

Their low-power triode setting is the best I've herd as of yet ... delicious.  I'll be posting it on my blog tomorrow.