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05/23/2011 8:35pm

I need a replacement for speaker in my Marshall VS65R combo.  Currently has a 12" 75w Marshall Gold Back, wich has nice  crisp highs and really warm lows.  I'm thinking of putting in your HM 75, are these comparable or do you have other suggestions?

05/24/2011 3:54pm

The HM75 would be a great choice for the VS65R; it'll be bigger and more immediate sounding ... but if you like the stock speaker so much, why are you replacing it?


05/24/2011 4:34pm
  1. Thanks Vaughn.  Had an accident and put a couple of small rips in the cone.  Did some home repair but just didn't seem like it's been the same since.  Would like to put in a new speaker.
05/24/2011 9:37pm

Ah!  Then yes, go with the HM 75, and let the smiling begin :)