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Green Beret in open back cab

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06/14/2011 5:50pm


I'm new to the forum. Here's my question. I've got a Green Beret that I placed in a Crate open back cab. I'm running a Vox Tonelab LE through the output of a 100 watt Valvetronix for power. Whenever I use this cab, it lacks any kind of low end. It just sound very "shallow" (no pun intended) and tinny. However, when I run my closed backed cab with a Celestion G12-75 and a Vintage 30, it sounds great and doesn't lack any low end.

Do you have any suggestions on how I might improve the sound of the Green Beret, like closing the back of the cab, or simply changing out the speaker for another WGS model?


Tim B

06/14/2011 10:40pm

The GB type speakers really shine in closed back cabs - and particularly in a 4x12 ... and if you like classic Marshall crunch.  By themselves, they are very narrowly focused  in the upper mids ... light on bottom and top ... and they breakup very early.  For open-back single 12 cabs, I like the Reaper and Reaper HP, the ET65, and the G12 ... if you're going for a classic Fender tone.

06/15/2011 2:47pm

Thanks, Vaughn. I may try to close up the cab just to see if it chnages the quality for the better. Otherwise, I may just sell off the speaker and go the Reaper HP. I like the sound clips I hear on the site.

Tim B.