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Green Beret and Invader breakup

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01/24/2012 9:42pm


I want to know if Invader50 breakup at same volume as Green Beret.

I need a speaker for a 1x12 cab and I want to know if Invader can go right with a Vox AC30 (1x12), the break up  happens too early?



01/26/2012 12:14pm

Excellent question!  The invader has a larger voice coil and higher power handling ability, and so, it will not break-up as quickly as a Green Beret.  In the case of an AC 30, I would say the breakup would be TOO (!) soon, plus the AC 30 could possibly just plain be too much for the GB!

What sound are you going for?  Most folks who like the AC30 sound appreciate it for it's "jangly" sound.  If this is what you're after, our best option is the Alnico Blackhawk.

If you want to take it in more of a throaty, Marshall like direction, then the Invader might be a good choice.  The GB would take it even farther in this direction.

Hope this helps!

01/26/2012 2:28pm


Hi Vaughn, 

I have three wgs speakers: GB, Reaper 55hz and Invader (this not tested yet).

I made a solid pine 2x12 cab (20"h, 32"w, 12"d, 18 mm wood thickness, MDF baffle) semi-open back. I will make a 1x12 cabinet (solid pine too).


Maybe I should close(back) the 2x12 cabinet and put green beret and invader and/or instead of making 1x12 cabinet I should make a 2x12 with reaper 55hz and another speaker for open back (what speaker?)

I have a ac30 clone (top boost) and Laney lc50II, i like this tone , but I would like variety for recording.


01/26/2012 8:00pm

Hey, thanks for the video link - great.  For that tone in your 2x12 cab, go with the GB & the Invader - it'll still sound totally like a vintage Green Back loaded cab, and will easily handle the AC30's output.  Then I guess that leaves you with the Reaper55 for the 1x12 ... which should be a good all-around cab.

Post back here with your results!

01/30/2012 5:35pm

Bump for more advice, related.

I have a little 5w amp with 2 12AX7 and a 6CA7 built with a Marshall Plexi circuit. I run it through a 1x12 closed back cab, and occassionally slave it into a 60w 5150 combo. I've been using a green beret in the 1x12 but I moved it to the 2x12 combo with a Celestion G12EVH. I need 1 more speaker. I'm wondering about the Invader for the 1x12. If want an aggressive Marshall growl with distortion, should I stick with the lower watt green beret or would I get a cool tone with the Invader? I could always pair the invader in the 2x12 with the Celestion and go back to the green beret in the 1x12 if the Invader didn't break up enough.

01/31/2012 11:12am

I would say the GB would, indeed be the best mate for the 5-watter ... however, I agree fully with you when you state:

"I could always pair the invader in the 2x12 with the Celestion and go back to the green beret in the 1x12 if the Invader didn't break up enough."

Sooooo ... sure ... buy the Invader - it would make a much better cabinet mate for the G12EVH.