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G12C for scooped tone

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01/19/2015 1:25am

Hi there!

Yesterday I installed a pair of G12C into my fender blackface twin. I ordered the G12s in order to get scooped chimey classic Fender sound. As soon as I play I noticed that they are surprisingly loud (altough SPL is stated as 96 dB, the G12C is louder than EVM12L). The brightness is OK however there was upper mids more than I need. I performed an A/B test with a pair of Celestion G1275T (which is known for its scooped tone) and EVM12L. Actually the G12C was brighter and louder than both while producing the least scooped tone. I am pretty sad because I was thinking that the endless search is over. I do not want to re-install EVM12Ls and haul extra 20 pounds. I was wondering that is it possible to tweak the tone just a little bit? The G12C does not come with dope treatment, some people suggested me to apply a doping compound (Elmer glue or weldwood contact cemetn) in order to get rid of mids whereas some others suggested to wait for a while to break-in time since they have just come out of the box. Any suggestion is appreciated. Thanks

01/19/2015 6:11pm

No ... The G12C is actually our brightest speaker ... quite the opposite of "scooped" ... more like bell-shaped, with a LOT of 1-3K (as you point out).  I NEVER recommend them in a Twin unless a player really wants to twang the living crap outta a Tele.  Yes, I think the SPL figure on them is misleading ... because that's taken at 1K ... and that speaker is more like 101dB at 2.5K! 

My #1 recommendation on Twins for many years has been the ET65 ... and it will give you exactly what you want.  EXACTLY.  On this forum I've recommended the ET65 in Twins many times, and those who take my advice always report back that they are exceptionally pleased.

02/26/2015 8:11am

Hello Vaughn

Thank you for response and providing that great speaker resource on youtube. Actually there were several reasons that made me to order G12C speakers for my blackface twin as well as DRRI.

The most important one was the response I received from Daniel, WGS. Here is what he wrote in response to my scooped fender tone inquiry: "It sounds like the G12C is exactly what you need.  It has that nice American style scoop with a more controlled bass.  Thanks" As I am a guitar player rather than a sound engineer, I have got nothning but the things I read on forums and advices from manufacturers. I wish I had contacted you before ordering.

On the other hand; in WGS website the G12C is introduced as an equivalent of Jensen C12N which is one of the all time favourite speaker of Fender players with JBL D120 and it is still sought after. Also the ET65 is classified under British category and as far as I know the most distinct sonic difference between an American and British voiced speaker is the midrange emphasis. That's why I did not even think about ET65 in order to get vintage American sound.

I think this time wrong technical advices and definitions pushed me into wrong path. The fact is I have 3 useless speakers on the other side of the planet :)  Any suggestions to tame the midrange on G12C?

02/27/2015 1:22am

thank you for your comment

02/27/2015 2:26pm

... I am still a bit surprised. I own the G12C myself and did not find them to emphasize midrange too much. Maybe because my main amp doesn´t push too much in the treble range. Personally I had the impression of a scooped american sound when I used them as a pair. But I found them being a bit trebly (which is tamed a bit by breaking in) and the bass toooooo round for my needs.

Don´t know if you can take advance out of my findings, but here what I did for solving this:

I found out that these problems dominate, when using the G12C as a pair. As a single speaker I did not have the same impressions. The top end was way less bright and trebly, but smoothed out in some way (counterintuitive).

Also very useful was using a bigger cab. In oversized cabinets the frequency response changes, getting RF down.

For playing a Twin, using just one of your speakers might not be an option. But if you don´t push your Twin too hard, this might be something to think about. The G12C takes up to 75w, not too far from the 85w of your BF twin. You could use something like a load box in parallel and split the power 50/50 between the load box and the G12c. This would give you three advances at once: you have to lug around much less, because you carry only one speaker and a load box (which might be lighter), the G12C will handle the power anytime, for 1 speaker the twin acts like an oversized cab. And, by the way, you got it 3db down.

And here is what I have done with my RedKnob Twin: I paired the G12C with a G10C and had really beautiful and organic sounds.

hope this helped a bit

02/28/2015 12:37pm

Yea ... strange as it sounds ... the G10C has a much bigger bottom than the G12C.  The problem is that the G12C is too darn much like a Jensen ... which means a hard, thick, and stiff cone!

My best advice:  Pair the G12 with a G12C/S ... which ... again might seem strange, but it's the MOST WARM speaker in the WGS line up ... yep G12C is the brightest, and G12C/S is the warmest!  That combo actually works VERY well in a Twin.

03/02/2015 3:32am

heikopfister, thanks for the comment

It is worth to try a single G12C, as it sound much rounded and smooth in DRRI than Twin. At least I am going to try to pair G12C with another efficient speaker like EVM12L.

03/07/2015 3:54pm

I just installed a light dope WGS G12C in my 79 Deluxe Reverb - sound great!

03/09/2015 4:09am


Did you apply doping to G12C by yourself? As fas as I know, they are originally undoped speakers. If so, could you share details; what did you use for doping?