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G12C in Fender Twin

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03/15/2014 7:01am

Hi, I'm thinking about replacing the speakers on my "Twin Amp". It's the '94 version with 100 watts. I think it sounds kinda dull and doesn't hold any water to a Twin Reverb. That, and it's very very loud.

So right now I'm thinking that the G12Cs would be a good fit, but I'm uncertain if they aren't a bit too bright or would worsen the volume problem. I play with a lot of effects, lots of modulation, reverb and sometimes hefty fuzz. Any suggestions?

03/16/2014 2:51pm

I'd like to add that when I play high notes really loud, or use a modulation that is very trebly, the amp tends to get very shrill or even distorts the highs. Could this be speaker related, and would a replacement remedy that?

03/17/2014 11:50am

Yea man ... the G12C's will augment both your problems  (too loud & shrill when pushed).

G12C/S will be just as loud but will sound a lot better.

ET65's should be PERFECT for what you are look ing for!  Go for it & don't look back!

03/17/2014 11:57am

Thanks for the reply. I was actually thinking about the ET65's. I really like the sound of the G12C/S though. Would it make sense to pair an ET with a G12, or would that result in a mess?

03/24/2014 9:38am

It WOULD result in a Mess ... because the G12(NOT smooth) would takeover the ET65 & become a prominant voice ... too harsh ...

However, a ET65 & a G12C/S MIGHT work for you.

03/24/2014 3:28pm

Yes, I actually meant the G12C/S paired with the ET65.

I think I'll play it safe and try two ET65's for now. Really want to have something done about the crazy volume.

Thanks for the input!

10/17/2014 4:51am

Soo, after all, I still haven't gotten around to chosing new speakers for my Twin.

Now, after seeing your demo for the new ET90, I'm really preferring it over the ET65 soundwise.

Would 90s be overkill in a Twin Amp though? You said in the video that in terms of volume they don't really differ that much, which made me consider them.

10/18/2014 6:00pm

"ET65's should be PERFECT for what you are looking for!  Go for it & don't look back!"

10/19/2014 4:02am

Alright alright, I get the hint :)

I'd still like to know your opinion on how they would fare in comparison, though. Especially considering that I play more high gain stuff lately.