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G10C with 1028K in 65 Super Reverb

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H R Ziifle
07/13/2015 11:59pm

Hey guys. Just wondering how well the G10C's would pair with the Eminence 1028K's.'s in a 65 BF Super.... (Mix of alnico and ceremic) ..... If i didn't like the 1028's i would proably look to pair the G10C's with the Veterans......... I've also read some about the Weber 10A150's as being punchy, and well compressed when driven, and no "ice pick" high end. Pretty much what i am looking for along with a bit more clean headroom. The 1028's are rated at 35 watts and i have using them for years. I drive the amp hard at times and at times it seems to get a bit loose at higher volumes. The tones and reviews of the G10C's that i have heard and read are great and I'm really interested in these speakers. Every thing i have read has been A+ with regards to the G10C. Also, would want to know if you would recommend an X pattern or not...... Anyway, a bit more clean headroom, compressed, no "ice pick," good mids with plenty of punch, and good tight low punch..... If that's possible, That's what i am after....lol....Seriously, Thanks for your time. Any info or suggestions would help. Thank you..... HRZ


07/14/2015 1:41pm

If you've been around here a while, you know I'm a Super Reverb guy ... my #1 gigging amp is a '67 SR that actually has one G10C, one vintage CTS AlNiCo, and a pair of P10R's in it ... and it sounds huge, sweet, 3-dimensonal, fat, juicy, sparkly ... and just plain rewarding to play!

The G10C is WAY(!!) more efficient than the others, and is the BIG fat dominant voice (and the speaker to mic), the CTS Alnico is woody, warm, fuzzy, and drips with organic goo, and the P10s contribute the top-end sparkle and upper-midrange intelligibility.

Soo ... all that to say ... yea, the G10 plays well with others :-)

H R Ziifle
07/15/2015 10:59pm

Hey Vaughn! Thanks so much for your reply. Appreciate it. Think i am going to order 2 G10C's. Someone else had recommended possibly the new ET10 for a bit more clean headroom. Would love your thoughts on that vs the G10C's. I was originally looking for EV10m's, but number one, can't find em, and number two, they are very heavy as you know. Having some experience with a JBLD130F in a Vibroverb which i use regularly as well,  i even thought about the E110's as an option  I've read so much great stuff on the G10's and everything i have heard sounds great. Think this may be the way to go. May even go to 4 G10C's if they sound as good as i hope they do, or possibly 2 Veterans to go with the G10C's. As you said though i am hoping they play real well with the 1028K alnico's. Please let me know on the ET10. Would love your thoughts before i order....Thanks again.... HRZ

07/16/2015 9:12am

Nope.  Nothing beats the huge headroom of a G10C ...  the ET10 is a sweet sounding 10 ... but I'd stick w/the G10 in the SR.  They are not as heavy as the EVs, but they ARE heavier than anything Leo ever put in a SR ... if ya go with 4 of em, it'll be a heavy amp (and LOUD!!!)!  That's the main reason I didn't go with 4 in my gigging SR ...

H R Ziifle
07/16/2015 9:49am

Thanks so much Vaughn! Ordered 2 G10C's last night. I really thought that is what your were going to say so i went with my gut and ordered. Hoping they pair well with the 1028's and i feel certain they will. I have a sneaky suspicion i probably will be ordering 2 more....lol.... Seriously, If for some reason i end up replacing the other 1028's i would either bite the bullet and go with 2 more G10C's or possibly GC10A's. Heavy? Yes, but with big tone! : ).....  Possibly even Veterans if you think that pairing would be better. Thanks for your help and response. Looking forward to receiving the G10C's early next week, installing them and hearing the difference. Thanks again.... HRZ

H R Ziifle
07/21/2015 6:41pm

Hey Vaughn! Just received the G10C's and installed them today. Two G10C's along with the two remaining 1028K's installed in an X pattern. First thoughts: More clean headroom, and overall cleaner,fatter, sound.  More low/low mid punch, with sweeter more rounded sounding highs. A bit more open of a sound overalli think...... These speakers sound great right out of the box, and will be interesting to see how they sound after a few gigs. I have never used ceremic's in a super before, but i must say i really love the sound of these speakers. Also, one great thing was there wasn't a big difference in overall volume to my Super. The sensitivity ratings were very close on these speakers, and while i do think the G10C's stand out just a bit more, the amp still has a very balanced sound. Couldn't be happier. Upcoming gigs will really tell the tale, but i don't hear anything that i do not like. They added approximately 8.5 pounds to the overall weight of the amp, and while heavier, it can still be handled. Addiding two more G10C's may be an option, or possibly 2 Veterans. Going to play with it loaded with the G10C's and the 1028's until the end of August and then decide on whether to try adding two more G10C's or A's, or the two Veterans. Not sure what would be a better combo, but my back may like the weight of the Vets a bit better..... Thanks again for your response and i would recommend the G10C's to anyone who has an old BF Super and looking for more overall punch, a fatter and warmer/less harsh top end, and a tight, fat, low end. Very satisfied! Thanks again....... HRZ

07/25/2015 6:42am

If your existing 1028K's are healthy ... stick with what ya got , it's a great combination.  If they are getting a bit loose and tired, then a pair of Vet 10's will give you a VERY similar tone. 

And of course, the G10's will give you more of what you are already experiencing!

H R Ziifle
07/25/2015 9:51am

Thanks Vaughn! Think i am going to grab a couple of Vet 10's (or my other option listed at bottom) and see what happens. The 1028's are old and have many, many, hours of gig time over the last 20+ years. They do get a bit loose (especially on the low end) when driving the amp pretty hard which i ususally do.  Hoping the Vet 10's will "clean up" a bit more than the old 1028's. Heck, I even thought of going with one more G10C and leaving one 1028 or Vet 10. Would that be a reasonable option? Thanks again for your time....HRZ

07/26/2015 8:33am

Sure ... like I said, I've actually got one old CTS Alnico in my gigging super ...

H R Ziifle
07/26/2015 8:48am

Thanks Vaughn! Think i am going to go with the 2 Vets and see what happens. 3 G10C's may just totally drown out and overpower the 1 Vet. Just hoping the Vets will be a touch cleaner with a tighter bottom than the 1028's. Thanks again! 

H R Ziifle
07/30/2015 11:10am

Two Vet 10's on the way......Going to be interesting to see how they compare to my old 1028k's along with the two G10C's. Think i am going to leave them in an X pattern and check it out that way first.  Not sure what would be best. I have read recommendations for both ways. I guess the other way would be the G10C's on the bottom and Vet 10's on top. Also going to be interesting to hear the difference going all ceramic vs ceramic and alnico. Hope i like em as much as i think i am....lol..... 

H R Ziifle
08/03/2015 11:34pm

Recieved 2 Vet 10's today and put em in my Super Reverb. Before i did that, i did a recording of the amp with the two G10C's and the two Eminence 1028K's i still had in the amp. When i took out 2 of the the 1028's and replaced them with 2 G10c's recently the change was remarkable. Played a gig Thursday Night and my amp was defnintely more alive, with more punch and tigher bottom. The amp sounded really good before, and the truth is now it's even better. If weight wasn't an issue i would have put two more G10C's or G10CS's in my Super in a heartbeat! GREAT speaker! I haven't tried as many speakers as others, but over the last 28 years with this amp i have tried my share. IMHO, the G10C's are the best sounding that i have tried. With my 1028's being old, and with the great sound of the G10C's i figured i would give the Vet 10's a try with the G10's and pull out the other two 1028's. When i installed the Vet's and recorded it, I A/B'd the results and the change was slight but noticable. With the Vet 10's the top end is a tiny bit more rounded and warm,  with almost the same sparkle as the 1028's. As far as the clean headroom, it sounds very similar. The amp may be a touch lower in volume with the Vet 10's as opposed to the 1028's due to the spl difference in the speakers. Hard to tell the difference though. All in all, it sounds very similar, but the interesting thing was this. When i was in the room playing i thought the amp may have sounded a bit better with the 1028's and the G10's. But after listening to the recording, i actually preferred the Vet 10's with the G10's...... Again it's close and they both sound very good. The dominant voice in either combination is the G10C's. Going to leave the Vet 10's in for a series of gigs coming up and see what happens. All in all, the Vet 10's and G10C's are a GREAT combination in a Super Reverb. BTW, i have the speakers installed in an X pattern. Very happy with both the G10C's and the Veteran 10's.