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Why did WGS become so expensive?

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10/10/2019 4:54pm

First I want to say that I don't think they are not worth the price, I very much like all my WGS speakers but...
I checked my original receipt for my WGS ET65's a couple years back (like 2014 or so) and the price was €69/piece.
Right now, from the same store that same speaker is €119/piece :o That's almost double the price, even with inflation, dollar/euro course this is insane.
Just legit wondering how this happened?

10/15/2019 9:57pm

The recent price update was only the second since WGS's inception. Like it or not, the economy here in the States has really been booming the last few years, and unemployment is way, way down. So, as a result skilled workers are demanding a far larger salary than during the recession years, and raw materials are more expensive too. So it's simply a reflection of the added cost of production.