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Which WGS for a Port City OS 2x12 Wave?

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04/18/2019 11:31am

Hi, I have the above speaker cab and am looking for some WGS speakers for a great classic rock/ 80's rock/hard blues/instrumental rock ( like Satriani) sound. I also play some clean with it.
Amp is a Marshall DSL40CR and I do run effects depending on the song or genre I am playing.
I tried a set of V30's and while they were good, for my ears and want I want to hear the cab sounded just a bit like I had a blanket over it. Lows and low mids were good but high mids and highs were a bit muted. Surprising coming from V30's. The amp puts out 40 watts and I usually run it at 20 as that is still plenty loud for the small places I play it in. Not sure if having 2x60 watt speakers is too much and maybe I need 2x30 watt speakers. Just looking for a brighter sound. Right now it sounds huge, but I need a bit more mid and high end definition.

04/23/2019 11:16am

"Surprising coming from V30's" ... yea, it wasn't the V30's ... it was the cab and how i adds a tremendous amount of girth!
My first thought is a pair of Ret 30's ... like your V30's but with extended top end.
Another good idea might be a Ret 30 and a G12C, which would really bring more upper-mids and top end into the picture.

05/13/2019 3:06pm

So I had another go at the Port City with the V30's and realized I misspoke about what I was hearing. The high mid and highs are not muted at all. They are what that speaker is known for. What my ears are not liking is the low mids and bass. That is where I'd like a little more clarity. The DSL40CR I bought used came with a Celestion Gold in it. From listening to various speaker shoot outs and from what I can compare with it being in a combo vs a 2x12 it seems the Gold has the high mids and highs of the V30 but a clearer low mid and bass response. If I put the Gold in that 2x12 what WGS would be a good fit. Based on sensitivity ( Gold is 100db) the Reaper 50 watt or either of the Blackhawks looks like they would be a good match. Any suggestions on which one? I could also put the Gold up for sale and get 2 of your suggested speakers. The day I first heard my G12C/s I became a big fan and won't buy just a speaker from anyone else!
( I would have bought my DSL40CR even without the Gold )

05/18/2019 10:37am

"What my ears are not liking is the low mids and bass. That is where I'd like a little more clarity."

Again what you are hearing there is more the CABINET than the speakers ... they are tuned to bring on the massive bottom, it's what people buy those cabs for!