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Where can I find an inexpensive gauss meter for measuring pickups?

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Keith Buchanan
02/23/2018 6:46pm

I need help finding a reasonably priced gauss meter.

02/25/2018 5:51pm

Wow ... I use (and LOVE) the Spin Doctor:

But I see they are no longer being made ... oh no!! I guess we'll all need to keep our eyes out. Precise charging of magnet gauss is ESSENTIAL to producing great sounding pickups!!!

I'll report back if I find anything.

03/01/2018 1:33pm

Okay ... so With the spin Dr no longer available ... here are a couple of things I found that seem like they would work well and not be too expensive:
This one is kinda clunky ... but it measures in mT (good) and shows N and S orientation ... only possible issue is it only reads to 2000mT, and some neo pickup magnets will exceed that ... but VERY few!

Now, if ya have a PC at your bench anyway ... this looks interesting:

Gauss level is, in fact Soooooooooo important ti a pickup's tone. As a matter of fact, I just decided I'll post a blog on it's importance and details! So check the blog section out.

03/04/2018 2:32pm

Here ya go!

Keith Buchanan
03/13/2018 9:47am

Thanks. Vaughn, I’m going to try the first one.
I’ll check out the blog.

04/05/2018 4:15pm

Interesting. I have been searching the Internet for this and came upon your website. Fabulous . Now I gotta actually GET one .