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What new speaker to pair with speakers I already own?

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Drew Arnold
05/06/2017 3:34pm

So here's my situation, hopefully it's not too convoluted or confusing:
- I have an EVH 5150 III into a now empty divided 2x12 with an open top and a closed bottom. I will be playing modern metal d standard and drop c chugging palm muted kinda stuff a la Gojira.

- I also have a Fender Machete 1x12 with the stock Vintage 30, and I am having an exceptionally hard time finding a non-headache inducing nasaly tone. The machete has a mid notch control that can go from ALL THE UPPER MIDS WITH NOTHING ELSE to FLUBMUD and has almost as much gain as the 5150 when cranked on the lead channel. I plan on using this to play pretty much everything else, but mostly things in the rock genre.

- I already own a Reaper and a Vet 30 that I have played around with in old combos. I do plan on dropping these into the machete to see what happens, but I haven't found the time yet.

So my question is, what speakers do you think I should I put where to get the best results, preferably using what I already have in addition to one new WGS speaker for the time being.

05/31/2017 11:32am

Easy! Reaper in OPEN and Vet 30 in closed ... just be careful, if it's a 30-watt Reaper!