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WGS speakers in 6x12 cab

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10/24/2017 2:04am


I have ordered custom 6x12 cab and I am thinking wiring it like 2x12 with two 16 ohm speakers and 4x12 with four 8 ohm speakers. I am getting 2 Reapers and 2 Green berets in 8 ohm so now I am thinking that what speakers would suit to that 2x12 portion? I am thinkin that would 55 hz reapers be good option? And how should I put the speakers in it? Like X or how?


10/25/2017 10:28pm

Wow ... some questions:
1) will it be all one big sealed box (like the old Marshall 6x12)?
2) what amp?
30 What tone and uses are you going for?

10/26/2017 4:42am

1) Yeah it will be one big sealed box
2) Hiwatt DR103 reissue
3) I play some stoner/sludge doom. Stuff like Eyehategod and Church of Misery.. I use Dunwich Amplifications custom Fuzzthrone as dirtbox in front of rather clean Hiwatt. Preamp knob is in 4. Going to use it in rehearsals, recordings and local gigs.

I´m going to get those 2 x Reapers and 2 x Green berets used so thats why it would be nice use them in this cab and get 2 speakers to that 2x12 portion. Though it would be nice to know what would be ideal set up to this kind of cab and use?

It think it will be wired like separate portions or as one connected as parallel but I guess amp see it like 50 watts to 4x12 and other 50 to 2x12 so speakers in 2x12 will be louder so would it be possible to somehow balance it with speaker sensitivity or something?

11/03/2017 6:45pm

Okay ... now I got something to work with!
The Reapers are quite big and bold sounding with lots of 120-400Hz. The Green Berets are very in-your-face and full of 400hz-1K ... so I'd say what you should add is a pair of Retro 30's ... they will add top end bite, and also produce a huge amount of 60-120Hz thump in a big closed cab!