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WGS Speaker Recommendation for Boss Katana 100 Watt Head

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03/28/2017 12:07pm

I've been looking at a Celestion G12K-100 100 watt speaker, however, I'm a big fan of WGS speakers. I don't anticipate ever having to use the 100 watt setting on the Katana head - most likely I will stay either on the .5 watt setting (for home) and 50 watt setting for shows. If I stick to the 50 watt setting - what do you think of the ET-65 or ET-90 speakers for this amp?

03/30/2017 7:32am

Wondering also if a Retro 30 might be a good match for this amp.

04/10/2017 11:45am

I've put a WGS Liberator 80 in my Katana 100 combo and it's great. Too bad they don't make them anymore.

04/10/2017 3:30pm

No worries about blowing the speaker when in 100 watt mode?

04/11/2017 9:10am

Vaughn if you get a chance - could you please weigh in on this?

04/11/2017 9:46am

I only run the combo amp on the 50 watt setting as it's more than loud enough for me with just that. Last gig I had it on the 50 watt setting and the master volume up maybe just over 25%. I used the line out to go through the sound system, but even being beside a loud drummer having the 50 watts and the master on ~25% I had no problems hearing myself on stage.

04/22/2017 7:39pm

Sorry I missed this!

Anyway ... the new WGS12L actually sounds excellent and can take the full 100 watts without breaking a sweat ... IF(!!) you are ok with a very heavy speaker.
The Blackhawk HP would rock your world if it fits in your budget.
Otherwise, I'd go ET90 ... should be an excellent match, and ... just in case you do end up in a situation where you open it up, the ET90 will take it.

05/01/2017 7:45am

Hello- I just bought a Veteran 30 for my 1x12 cab. I will be adding a second 1x12 cab and would like to know which WGS speaker goes well with the Veteran 30. I know there are other combinations that most will say work better, but I would like to try the Veteran 30 in a pairing first. Thanks, all.

03/13/2018 11:23am

I have just tried ET90 in my Katana 100 combo. The ET90 adds overall clarity and the clean channel sounds more ‘Fendery’.
But in general I think the ET90 doesn’t have enough low mids for the Katana. The Dirty channels sound a bit more shrill and lack warmth. The ET90 did improve and get a bit more smooth and round after a bit of break in though.
If you boost the low mids in the Global EQ on the Katana, the Et90 can sound great however. And the sneaky Deluxe Crunch sounds very good with the ET90.
But the stock Katana 100 speaker is actually a giod match for the amp.

03/13/2018 11:46am

Your experience with the ET90 is probably because the Katana 100 combo is a fully open-back cab. Any speaker has some mid bass loss in an open-back depending on the distance from a wall or corner and also where you are listening from. The stock speaker is just voiced so it's less noticeable -- mainly just less high end. It's irrelevant if the ET90 is going in a different cab. What cab is being considered?