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03/04/2019 9:51pm

I'm using the Retro 30 in a 1x12 stacked on top of another holding the ET65.
Just yesterday I noticed that the bass frequencies were kind of flubbing out on me.
I'm looking for a hard tight bass response.
Has that been any other users experience with the Retro 30?
It is possible that my neck pup on the LP is a little too high.
Just curious as to your experience with that speaker.
I'm using it in a two thirds open back.
Thanks for any input.

03/05/2019 6:15pm

Could be. Another option is checking for cabinet or house interior resonances. Should the 1x12 be of smaller size you may just have overloaded the cab slightly, but now I'm essentially only guessing.

Difficult to tell if whether the cone actually loses control or if there's too few presence frequencies to make the low end seem tight enough for your purpose.

If the latter and there's a tonal mismatch between bridge and neck pickups you could dabble with fitting a smaller cap or a larger pot on the neck.

03/05/2019 6:24pm

You sure it's not the ET65?
Does it do it with just the Retro 30 connected?
Is the combined speaker impedance too low for the amp?
What is the height from the bottom of the low and high E strings to the top of the neck pickup bobbin with the highest fret depressed?
What is the amp and the tone stack settings?
How old are are the preamp and power tubes?

03/06/2019 1:55pm

Thanks Narco. So you're saying that in your experience the Retro 30 handles the bottom end really well? Doesn't get flubby, stays clean and tight?

03/09/2019 5:08pm

Not at all. I don't know what makes you think that? Sorry, but I only judge by what I've heard in various sample demos. It may well be getting flubby. My guess is Reapers actually have tighter bass/mids (within the power rating), but you may not want that sound.