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Warehouse G10C internal noise

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03/02/2019 5:24pm

Hello, I bought from Chile a Warehouse 10 G10C for my Fender Super champ x2, it was really wonderful, but after a couple of months without use, I turned it on and the speaker sounds broken, with a horrible crunch !! What I can do? The speaker is dragging something inside .. I have always been very careful and it seems that the weather has damaged it .. please, help PLEASE !!

Hola, compré desde Chile un Warehouse 10 G10C para mi Fender Súper champ x2, quedó realmente maravilloso, pero después de un par de meses sin uso, lo encendí y el altavoz suena roto, con un crujido horrible!! Que puedo hacer? El altavoz arrastra algo adentro.. siempre he sido muy cuidadoso y parece que el clima lo averió.. por favor, ayuda PLEASE!!