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Vox Ac30s1

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06/27/2019 8:59pm

I want to swap out the Seventy 80 that’s currently in my Ac301x12 I really like the ac15 with the g12c in it.

I was thinking possibly putting the g12c/s in my amp. Other suggestions? Do you think it will sound good? Be an upgrade?

06/29/2019 12:59am

The Retro 30 has a full midrange like the G12C with a reduced ~3kHz range for a less-piercing sound, and the tight bass is good with an ACxx style amp that does not use global negative feedback.

06/29/2019 12:27pm

Well ... The very bright G12C and very warm G12C/S are on totally opposite ends of the tonal spectrum.
Start with a search, as Speaker replacements for an AC30 have been covered a LOT!! :-)