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Vox AC15C1 WGS Black and Blue or Blackhawk

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James P Browning
11/29/2017 4:23pm

I’ve read through countless forums, watched dozens of YouTube videos, and contacted several sales rep looking for speaker recommendations for my Vox AC15C1. Recently I stumbled upon Vaughn Skow’s video comparing the WGS Black and Blue vs Blackhawk. I’m completely sold on the tone of both speakers, and feel they will restore my Vox-Branded G12M Greenback (Limited Edition Maroon Bronco!) to the “British Invasion” inspired jangly and chime that made me purchase the Vox AC15 in the first place.

Anyone have any recommendations of which Alnico WGS speaker they prefer for the Vox AC15: Black and Blue vs Blackhawk? I’ll gladly entertain all comments, suggestions, and user experiences; all feedback and comments welcome!

I play mostly Clean, straight into the Vox AC15 with a Fender Stratocaster. Right now I’m playing mostly Surf, 60s and Blues Music.


12/01/2017 10:14am

It sounds just like the difference between the ET65 and ET90. The higher power one has more bass and presence. The Black & Blue clips sound more classic Vox to me. Maybe one of each for just a Tad more glassy presence?

12/20/2017 11:16am

Yes ... the idea of one of each would be great ... if it were not a single 12 amp :-)
I would stick with the Blackhawk. I've A/B'd them in ac15's and a bunch of other amps (including my own) and the Blackhawk has everything the BnB does ... except it holds together when pushed, the 15-watt BnB (Celestion or WGS) really falls to pieces when pushed, especially on the bottom end.

James P Browning
02/09/2018 5:44pm

Awesome! Many thanks for the feedback and suggestions. From the comments this far, sounds like the Blackhawk is going to give me the tone I’m after with this Vox AC15.

Thank you again!