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Veteran 30 DIY cab - front vs. rear loaded

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08/15/2019 3:30pm


I am building a 1x12" cab (with measurements "inspired" by a commercial product).
It's currentl planned as closed-back, as it's said this has more "punch", which makes sense intuitively.
Now I was made aware of the possibility to mount the speaker from the front, or the rear side of the baffle.

I browsed a bit through gear sites and, as is often the case, there were a lot of contradicting opinions on the difference this makes. It's apparent not a lot of people have made systematic tests with this kind of stuff, let alone are deep into the theory.

Can anyone here say for sure what difference it would make?
For one thing, in my layman's imagination, the rear-mounted variant would have a narrower "beam" of sound, as the wider angles of the speaker are somewhat blocked by wood encircling the speaker's front.
I would not like that, as it's not for stage, but rather home studio use. It would be nicer to be able to have a decent sound even when standing not exactly center-speaker.

08/20/2019 1:40am

Rear mounting would make it easier to use 1/2" foam with a 3" hole cut in the middle over the speaker to achieve consistent (albeit ~12dB down) freq dispersion above ~1kHz out to ~40d off-axis, if you choose to do that. Otherwise, I doubt you'd hear a difference. ~1" of wood outside of the surround is not really enough to affect the freq response of most 12" speakers. I suppose you could somehow angle the baffle hole outward if you are concerned, but I wouldn't bother.