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Vaughn, Lend me your Ears! I Need Tweed Build Advice@

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C. J. Mize
12/01/2018 9:33am

Good Morning Vaughn!...And YES everything is better with coffee...sip, sip...

I'm planning to build what in my mind is the "Greatest Tweed Amp that Fender Never Made", and I need some speaker recommendations!

The plan is to use the 5e5a Pro circuit, and put it in a 2x12 Low Power Twin (5e8a) cabinet.

I'd like to keep the volume as tame as possible, as I like the low efficiency of REAL vintage Jensen P12Q's. I plan to crank the snot out of this thing live (it will be mic'd for sound reinforcement if needed), and roll back my guitar volume for cleans. I have a friend who is a vintage amp collector and his Tweed Tremolux (5e9a) was finally the LAST STRAW!!! I gotta build me a Tweed Now!!! Just need more headroom than the 5e9a offers.

My gut is telling me a pair of G12Q's would be great for this project. What do you think? Other recommendations?


C. J.

12/16/2018 7:14pm

Yea, absolutely ... I was thinking a pair of G12Q's before you got to it :-)
Should be exactly what you are looking for.

C. J. Mize
12/31/2018 11:30am

Could you possibly give me a rundown on a G12Q vs Veteran 10 comparison???