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Upgrade 2x12 cab to 4x12 cab

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10/09/2019 6:01pm

I love the sound of my 2x12 cab with a Warehouse ET65-65 Watts and a Bugera 12G70J8 70 watt Speaker. It has a nice blend to give it that british 90's sound. They are both 8 ohms. I would like to jump up to a 4 cab with 2 ET65 16 ohms and two matching set of speakers that have the same tone as my bugera speakers. I did several searches and i cant find any 16 ohm bugera speakers. What would your guys opinions be to match my bugera speaker, but in a 16 ohm? Roughly 60 to 80 watts to be safe. I'm running this out of my worked 1990 Bugera head (not infinnium).

10/15/2019 10:01pm

EASY!!! That would be our G12C ... very similar tone and power handling ... the one big difference is the G12C will be a lot more efficient (louder).