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The under-reviewed G12A ...

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Andrew Jayne
01/28/2020 8:04am


I have a set each of your Historic '57's and the Velvet Telecaster pickups. Love 'em. I also run several WGS speakers in my amps. Lately I have been very impressed with the Blackhawk (50 watt) in a 1-12 cabinet driven by a Dr. Z Route 66. Love it. This led me to consider a Blackhawk for my Dr. Z Cure (a more American/Fender sounding amp). Then it occurred to me that perhaps an American sounding alnico speaker would be a worth a try. The G12A would be the one to consider but I have discovered that there is very little information out there on this speaker. I'm a little surprised you have not reviewed it, or maybe you have and I just can't find your comments/impressions. Hmmm? What is your take on this speaker? Very American sounding? Scooped? How does the bottom end hold up? Mushy when pushed? Comparable to the Blackhawk (I would assume no, but...)?

Anything would help.

Update: This question was copied from a direct communication with Vaughn. I have discovered that there is a bit more info here in the Q & A section on this speaker, but still relatively little.


01/28/2020 9:59am

Hey Andrew!

So, I need to get a G12A to spend some time with! It hit me that I don't actually have a G12A here in Nashville. I have a G12A/s as well as a G12C and a G12S ... But not the G12A (Alnico with the ribbed cone. So, here is what I can tell you SHOULD be the case based on the G10C vs G10A (I've spent a lot of time comparing those).

That 75-watt G12 ribbed cone is fairly rigid and bright, so either way the G12 will be a bright and articulate speaker with tight, defined, and controlled bottom end ... however, the AlNiCo version should sound sweeter and more vintage/organic, especially on the top end, and especially when driven ... or in other words EXTREMELY close to say a 1960's Jensen A12N (high power AlNiCo).

I'll get one and do a little better job at a later date, hope this helps!

Andrew Jayne
01/28/2020 11:24am

Thanks Vaughn. I'll be looking forward.