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Tweed Twin Hi-Power Speaker Cabinet

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Clifford C. McLean
02/18/2019 5:19pm

About a year and a half ago, I built a Tweed Twin Hi-power head and speaker cabinet. I used walnut & western red cedar for the cabinets. The walnut was mostly for accents. I put a G12C & G12C/S in the speaker cabinet and was never very happy with the way it sounded due to the way the cedar softened/muted the tone.

A few weeks back I stole the G12C to try in a Tweed Princeton build. It sounded great so that is where it stayed. The question then became what to do for the Twin? So, I harkened back to all the videos and threads I had seen.

In for a penny, in for a pound. I picked up an ET-65 & a Retro 30. Guess what? The Twin is my new favorite! I'm not sure why they work in this cabinet but they are perfect!

02/22/2019 10:47am

Awesome ... thanks for sharing your findings!