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Is there a WGS ceramic similar to alnico?

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09/30/2019 7:12pm

Hey, ever since I saw you do a demo of the Bugera V22 with the alnico speaker I have wanted to upgrade my cab with one but can't see putting over $200 in the Blackhawk alnico for this amp. I use my Bugera V22 Infinium head a lot at our church for Praise and Worship style music. I switch between the V22 and my Egnater Rebel 30 head and cab. I was wondering if WGS makes a ceramic that has the dynamics, tone etc close to the alnico? Thanks, Mike.

10/07/2019 11:32am

EASY! That would be the ET65 ... very similar to the Blackhawk AlNiCo :-)

10/09/2019 4:21am

Hey, thanks for the info. Kinda what I was leaning toward. I have a half stack loaded with ET-65 on top and Veteran 30 on the bottom and sounds great. Its just to heavy to lug. I will purchase another ET-65 and replace the stock speaker in my Egnater 1x12 cab.