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Supro Jupiter 1668RT speaker recommendation

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08/02/2017 10:05am

I have a the Supro 1668RT and it sounds like an amp under a wet blanket. The hemp coned OEM speaker is way to dark for an already darkly voiced amp. It lacks clarity and has enough bottom end to pull bass amp duty at small clubs (I've done it). I don't need another bass amp so what would be a good choice to make it sound like a guitar amp? Typically I favor a more British sound but I'm trying to branch out with this amp. Thanks.

08/04/2017 10:24pm

Any idea about how middy you want to go, whether you're looking for an alnico speaker or an M or H ceramic magnet speaker? The Supro, despite its darker timbre, appears to have a good dose of snap to it and would this be something you like to retain or minimise?

08/07/2017 7:38pm

I haven't played through that amp ... put given it's topology ... and the sound of other Supro's I've played through, as well as what both of you have said ... I say you can't go wrong with an ET65. Another good option would be the Veteran 30, if you want a bit more Brit voiced upper-mid cut.