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Super Reverb Reissue Speaker Combination

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09/24/2017 4:59am

Hey every one!

First of all, right now i play a deluxe reverb with a WGS 12L and i love it. Going to get a SRRI next week.

So i discovered there are no 10's of that speaker available but at the same time realising that a super with that speakers will prolly be brutally loud(srv).
I guess even the G10C is way to efficent for me at home looking at it. no i dont mean bedroom levels, i can get an amp to its sweet spot volume wise but still.
And nowadays i really start to dig lower wattage speakers that can get a bit of cone cry.

I was reading forums before posting this so i know the usual suspects suggeted regarding speakers.

Seems like 4x Veteran 10 is my best bet but i thought a little sparke on the top end would be nice in addition to the Veteran 10.

with 2x G10C and 2x Veteran 10 the G10C will dominate the tone over the Veteran right?

would 1x G10C and 3x Veteran 10 be still to much or would it mix nicely?
also what other combinations 2/2 or 3/1 would you suggest and how do the Veteran 10+G10C sound together?

Thx in advance, PEACE
Johnny Ray

09/29/2017 4:52pm

Start with a search:

Some of the oldest stuff is a little lame (I know, it was me...) But you'll probably find your question answered a bunch of ways. come back if not ...
btw: the Super Reverb is still my "if I only had one" amp!