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Speakers for a Silvertone 1482

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David B Bliss
01/28/2019 3:28pm

Yes, I said "speakers" plural.

I just got a Silvertone 1482 that I am restoring/customizing. I'm doing the basic stuff like updating the filter caps, 3-prong power cord, etc. But I am also building a replacement cabinet out of baltic-birch. Since it really wasn't much work once I had the measurements, jigs, etc. set up I decided to build TWO cabinets; one for the original amp and one for an extension speaker. This is where the customizing part comes in. I'm going to wire both taps of the output transformer so that I can plug the internal speaker in to the 8-ohm tap, or plug both speakers in parallel to the 4-ohm tap.

Thus my question... what speakers?

In a blog post from 2014 (I think) Vaughn talked about an ET65.

The G12Q is supposed to be good from 5E3 type circuits. The Silvertone is not really a 5E3 but it has two 6V6s and a Cathodyne Phase Inverter (I think) so it is probably in the same ball park.

On the other hand, it might be cool to mix and match a G12C and a G12C/S.

Finally, I could go really whacky and install two G8C in one and a G12C/S (or something else) in the other.

The only other information that would probably be helpful is I don't really have the opportunity to play loud very much. I also don't tend to play clean... I always have a little dirt in my sound.

Thanks for the advice.

David B Bliss
01/29/2019 5:15am

I thought I would add that I have a number of other speaker cabinets already. I have a Traynor 2x12 loaded with Green Beret, I have a Marshall 1965 4x10 cabinet loaded with original celestions, and a Marshall 1966 2x12 cabinent loaded with one Black and Blue, and one Weber Blue Dog.

All my existing cabinets are 8 ohm (loaded with 16 ohm drivers) so I can't really use them without an impedence mismatch to the output transformer.

So looking for something more American. Would the difference in efficiency be an issue if I went with a G12Q internal and a G12C/S external?

02/01/2019 3:36pm

Good call on re-housing the amp ... those old Silvertone cabinets are soooo flimsy! You might beef-up the chassis a little to while you are at it.

The volume diff between a G12Q and G12C/S would be extreme ... which might not be so bad to have the amp alone be quiet and breakup fairly early ... and then add in the ext cab for playing louder. However ...

From what I remember, those amps are quite dark and wooly ... and I think the smooth-cone might give you too much more of that same sound ... for a VERY dark overall tone. (Ok if that's what ya want) I'd think a regular G12C in the ext cab would be better, it's as loud as the C/S ... but a LOT brighter ...

One last thought ... you mentioned a pair of G8C's ... I did this exact thing (cut a new baffle for 2 8's instead of the factory 12") with an old Kent that is almost the exact same circuit, except with EL84's instead of 6V6's ... and it's very nice! I LOVE how full and rich it sounds at "bedroom" levels ... way better than the original single 12.

David B Bliss
02/04/2019 10:43am

Thanks for your reply. Sounds like I wouldn't like the G12Q.

One clarification, which of the following combinations do you think I should go with?

1. G12C internal, G12C external (same speaker in both cabs)
2. G12C internal, G12C/S external (different speakers)
3. Two G8C internal, G12C external
4. Two G8C internal, G12C/S external

I'm thinking the two G8Cs will bring the efficiency up to be pretty much the same as one G12. So the G8Cs cover the highs and use the G12C/S to give extra beef on the low end without adding a lot up top.

What do you think?

02/06/2019 2:51pm

Yeah, I think you'll love the 2x8" combo for sure ... for the ext cab, again choose the smooth cone if you want a distinctly dark flavor ... and the ribbed G12C if you want the more classic chimey American tone!

David B Bliss
02/06/2019 5:08pm

Two more questions before I order...

1. 4 ohm or 16 ohm speakers for the 8". Is there a difference running parallel vs series?

2. I have a tweed champ clone with an vintage alnico speaker that is pretty dark. Are the G8C chimey or dark? I'm thinking of having the cabinets be different flavors for a more complex tone so if the 8's are bright then I will go with the smooth cone, if they are darker then I will go with ribbed.

02/09/2019 9:14am

1. Go with a pair of 16-ohm in parallel ... so on the VERY slim chance one coil were to burn out and go open, one would still work.

2. The 8's are not really bright or dark ... they are very well balanced!

David B Bliss
02/11/2019 11:55am

I guess I should have measured before... It seems like two 8" speakers will not fit very well in the amp. I would have to make them VERY close.

I read on another thread that a G10C/G12C is a good combination. Or should I go with a G12C and G12C/S combination?