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Speakers for ext. 2x12" Vibro-King cabinet to match 3 x Veteran 10's in the combo?

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02/17/2019 10:00am

Subject sums it up pretty good... I have 3 Veteran 10's in my Fender Vibro-King, which is really great.
But then I have this ext 2 x 12" cabinet, originally loaded with 2 celestion vintage 30, that sounds pretty terrible to me, hence it being unused
(I have yet to hear a celestion speaker I like...always too midrangy)

What WGS 12" would pair up well with the 3 veteran 10's, and not overpower them..? Would the 12Q's work, and match tonally..?

The Vibro-King is 60W,,,

Thanks, Bee

02/18/2019 12:35pm

Okay, so... do you want the ext cab to sound fairly similar to the combo, or are you wanting it to bring something different to the party? If so, what?

09/24/2019 7:04am

Hi Vaughn - I completely forgot that I asked this question, and never got those Vintage 30 replaced. Now thinking again, as I'm about to order various stuff from Tube Town in Germany anyway.

I will definitely not want anything close to the Celestions already in there (they're metallic, cold, stiff and sterile sounding - plain terrible)
And they should not be overpowering the 3 Veteran 10's in the combo itself, but still able to handle the 60W amp.

I know, a lot of parameters... and you have so many speakers to choose from.... pretty hard..


09/24/2019 2:14pm

Ooops...my answer never entered somehow, and I completely forgot.

I'm just looking for a pair of american flavoured speakers to go with the Veteran 10's in the combo.
WITHOUT over powering them completely, but still able to hol up with the 60W Vibro-King, with it's crazy low end.

Might be an impossible task..... have been thinking about the G12C/S


09/28/2019 7:52pm

Wouldn't suggest the smooth cones G12 ... because of that "crazy low end"!
If you'll be running it in conjunction with the Vet 10's then ... YES!!! The G12Q's will be perfect!