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Speakers for Ampeg GVT52-212 combo + additional 2x12 cab: ET65, Retro30, Vet 30 ?

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07/26/2017 6:27am


I am new to this forum. I am 40 and play rock-stoner music with my band. I mostly play on a Gibson Les Paul in Standard or Drop-D tuning. We also play some songs in C-tuning :p

My main amp is an Ampeg GVT52-212 combo. I only play on the clean channel and use it as a pedal platform, most of the time I have a heavy distortion pedal on. I have already replaced the original speakers (Seventy80) with a WGS ET65 and Retro30. So far it made a huge improvement, I am super happy with it.

I am thinking of adding an additional 2x12 cab to my rig, which brings a few questions, I hope you guys can help.

Same or different speakers?
My plan is to have my combo on top of an external 2X12 cab... so that would make sort of a 4x12. In terms o speakers, I love the ET65! The Retro30 seems to have a little too much treble for my taste. Would you recommend to go with 4x ET65, or is it nice to pair different speakers. In which case 2x ET65+Retro30, or 2x ET65+Vet30 ?

X-pattern or top-bottom?
If I pair different speakers, I think I'll go with 2 ET65 on top (in the combo) and the other 2 on the bottom (in the external cab), so I have the same kind of sound if I move around. Does it make sense, or is a X-pattern recommended?


07/28/2017 5:43pm

Man, the big question is open or closed back on that ext 2x12 cab? I'd suggest closed, since you already have the 3-dimensionality of the open-back combo.

Sooo, if you put a pair of ET65's in the combo, I think you will be VERY happy with the Retro 30 & ET65 in the sealed bottom cab ... as the Ret really excels in closed cabs, which bring out the thump in it and minimize the top end!

07/29/2017 10:42am

Thanks Vaughn,

Yes, the 2nd cab would be closed as the combo is already open.
In this case I think I'll go with 2 ET65 in the combo and either 2 Retro30 or a Vet30+Retro30 in the closed cab.

07/30/2017 1:07am

If I go with 2 ET65 on top in the open combo, would you recommend 2 Retro30 or a Vet30+Retro30 in the closed cab ?

thanks Vaughn

07/30/2017 6:54pm

Hummm ... Probably one of each...

07/31/2017 9:07am

Alright I'll try the vet+retro in the closed cab. Thanks

08/10/2017 1:13pm

Hello again,

My cab is being made, it will be an oversized 212 closed back, the Fatboy from Zilla cabs, that will sit below my open back 212 combo. http://www.zillacabs.com/2x12-cabs.html

Cab dimensions (mm) 760x470x360.

I already have one ET65 and one Retro 30... And it's time to buy 2 more WGS speakers and mix them as best as possible. I know I will buy another ET65 but for the last speaker I am still not sure...

Using 2 ET65, 1 Retro 30 and 1 Vet 30 seems weird to me... That's 3 different speakers out of 4. I am tempted to still go with an additional Retro 30 and go for a X-pattern (or replace those 2 retro by 2 Vet)...

Main question is
- 2 ET65 + 2 Retro
- 2 ET65 + 2 Vet
- 2 ET65 + 1 Retro + 1 Vet

Second question
2 ET65 on top and others in the bottom, or X pattern.

Man I don't know, maybe I am overthinking this

08/21/2017 9:01am

I went with 2 ET65 and 2 Retro finally.
One of each in my combo and in my 212 cab, to make an X pattern.

08/26/2017 11:34am

Awesome ... that combination is tough to beat!