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Speakers for 2 X 12 semi open back cabinet for my Magnatone Super 59 head.

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Dennis McLaughlin
12/31/2020 8:08pm

Hey folks, I recently purchased a Magnatone Super 59 MkII, from one of the nicest, most humble guys on the planet. He also happens to be one of the most respected guitarists around, Joe Satriani. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a speaker cabinet with it. I built a new cabinet from some sassafras, mahogany, and curly maple that I had left over from the other guitar and amp cabinet builds I’ve done, and I need some speakers for it to bring out the best in the Super 59. I know that WGS made the speakers for Magnatone to begin with, so I figured the best place to go for the speakers I’m looking for would be the fine folks who designed the original equipment. The amp has gorgeous American blackface like cleans and rich, harmonic British sort of overdrive. Listen to the clips of the Super 59 MkII on YouTube, and make a suggestion for me if you would. I’m at a loss for a complimentary speaker for this one. The greenback loaded cabinet I have it plugged into now sounds great, but the original Magnatone speakers are so much more of everything than the greenbacks. I really want to do this amp justice, so please, help me out with this one!

Thanks so much!

02/01/2021 1:49pm

Hi Dennis! Cool story, and sorry it took me a little while to see this question had gone un-answered!
he ET90 is the speaker that the good folks at Magnatone prefer with that amp ... in either 1x12 or 2x12 config. So, I'd say that is your best place to start.
Now ... if it were ME, I'd probably want a little more of the classic "vintage" Maggy tone, and so , and again this is just me personally, I'd go with a pair of ET65's! The 65's are just a little more organic and woody sounding than the ET65's. The 90 has just a tad more authoritative bottom end, but your 1/3 open-back cab (great choice btw) will already augment the bottom a good bit.

Please post back with your results :-)