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Speaker suggestions - DSL40c with 2x12 extension

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10/27/2017 7:34am

I play in a classic/modern rock cover band. My favorite go to tone is early Van Halen, but I also need somewhat decent cleans on occasion. I'm asking for some suggestions for the single speaker in my Marshall combo, as well as speakers for my 212 extension cab. For the combo, I need something that will sound good on its own, for when I'm playing at home or at small venues. When we're playing larger venues, I like to run the combo along with the 212 extension. At the moment, I actualy have a Vet30/ET65 pairing in the 212. I just want to replace the 70/80 that's in the combo. Not sure if some other type of speaker would also be better in the 212 for that VH sound.