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Speaker suggestion to tame highs

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07/23/2017 8:45am

I'm currently using a 50 watt Fender style 6L6 amplifier with a WSG ET90 speaker. (Clean tones, 50's/60's music) Using a Gretsch 6120 it sounds great, but with a Telecaster or Strat the top end is piercing, tried turning down the treble but that makes the bass strings sound muddy and flat with no twang.
Any suggestions for a more balanced tone?
I was looking at the Retro 30 or ET65.

07/24/2017 10:25am

sooo.... what is that "Fender Style" amp? kinda broad term! anyway...

Retro 30 ... no way. ET65: yes that would tame it a bit more than the ET90. But if you have a SERIOUS top-end ice-pick, then the G12C/S (smooth) is the serious tool you want.