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Speaker replacement for an orange TH30 head in a ppc 212 closed back cab

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Pierre Vasseur
02/10/2019 3:13pm


I'm looking for new speakers. I've got a PPC212 logged with V30 but i'm not completely pleased with them I play 70's rock with a bit of stoner and the V30 sounds to midrange for me. I built a cab with a G15c speakers that sounds pretty cool with the orange head but i feel a lack of mids in it. So i'd like to keep that shiny and warm tone but with more mids. I'm thinking about buying a two reapers. Any advice?

02/13/2019 8:19am

Shiny and warm sounds like the Invader 50 to me. Maybe just try mixing one with a V30. That might fix the issue for you: deep "scooped" bass with less ~3khz harshness and good 4kHz+ chime (shine?) and sparkle. AFAIK, it should be less midrangey than a Reaper. Reapers also sound more "reedy" to me. The Reaper HP might work. The high end might overpower the V30 though. That's my guess.

02/20/2019 7:56pm

Back in the day Orange amps came with speakers akin to the G12H style, mostly from Fane and Goodmans but also from Celestion. Because of this I would suggest the Reaper HP should you want to stay with WGS.

Not saying that Narcoleptigon is wrong in any way, but personally I find the Invader quite rounded in the sense it sometimes seem to fall short in the highend somewhat. The now discontinued Liberator 80 (which still can be ordered specially from WGS) does dish up more highs yet still being quite warm and a bit dark. I just love how the Lib takes dirt in that it never sounds fatiguing and provides some well deserved body to your tone.

Pierre Vasseur
03/08/2019 10:56am

Ok, i just bought two reapers and instead i got two repaers 55hz. Well, a good mistake! They sound amazing:)