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Speaker to pair with a Green Beret?

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03/05/2019 12:41am


I recently bought a Marshall 2061CX diagonal 2x12” cabinet. I didn’t care for the C*lestions in it, and decided to give a Green Beret a try… And boy I’m glad I did. For now I only have the GB in the cabinet, but it sounds great with bridge pickup driven tones. I’m using a Marshall Mini Jubilee head, and a plexi style drive pedal for edge of breakup tones on the clean channel and for boosting the overdrive channel for leads.

For neck pickup tones (single coils for me all the way) I’d like to have a bit more of that plexi style bite without going harsh or shrill. I was planning to get an another GB, but maybe something else paired with the existing GB would give me better results for what I’m looking for?

Any recommendations?

Best Regards,
Juha Suominen

03/05/2019 6:02pm

From what you're saying am I to assume your tone is on the harsh and shrill side of the scale?

Should you have left the other speaker slot unused/ uncovered in that 2061CX you probably lose a great deal of lowend right there.

One option to shave off some highend would be fitting a LH dust cap, in case you're looking for a minor tweak that won't set you back too many Euros.

Then perhaps you could try and fill out the soundstage with a Reaper or other G12H style driver. This could however put some additional highend in there, which may not be what you want.

Pairing the Beret with the Invader would be an interesting way of combining what you have with something similar yet fuller sounding.

Then pairing it with a different take on the G12M25 concept is another way to go here, if looking outside of what WGS have to offer. Or perhaps WGS could build you a 55Hz version of the GB for the best of both worlds?

03/06/2019 12:23pm

Ahem... I fiddled around with the amp's eq, and discovered treble and presence dials... The highs are now coming through in spades!

The downside is, that the upper mids are now a bit too much in-your-face. But I guess the universal solution to this is the ET65, right? =)

Those are easily available, so I might give one a try...


03/20/2019 12:37pm

Update on this...

I bought an ET65 and installed it with the Green Beret... Pretty good, but somehow not quite there. Lost too much of that Marshall sizzle, that (to me at least) must be present. Also the tone was kinda... hollow?

What happened next is, that I somehow half accidentally bought a Fender Twin Reverb '65 Reissue, that desperately needed new speakers. I pulled the trigger on another ET65 and a Reaper and just finished with some testing. The Reaper and an ET65 in a Twin Reverb sounded somehow unbalanced, not solid. Reminded me a bit like out-of-phase -tones. So I went with which was my original plan, and installed two ET65s in the Twin and the Reaper in the Marshall cab with the Green Beret.

Never have I been so surprised, when it comes to guitar speakers. Things just clicked just the right way. Sure, the with the Twin's clean tones I could use just a tad more sparkle, but then again, my dirt pedals disagree. Very, very good compromise here.

Even more surprising was, how the Reaper and the Green Beret sing together with the Jubilee. Absolutely beautiful. The Reaper kinda filled in what was missing and brought back the lost sizzle, but it's not pearcing or brittle at all. I compared the cab to another 2x12" with C*lestion G12H-30 70th Anniversaries in it, and the tone was soooo spiky. Cactus land all over. There's no question (to me at least) that the Reaper is out-of-the-box a far superior speaker compared to the G12H30.

One happy gear junkie, that's me.