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Speaker for Mojotone 18watt TMB

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C. J. Mize
05/26/2020 10:09am

Hello All,

Looking to build a Mojotone 18 Watt TMB 1X12 Combo using their standard open back 18 watt combo cab (20h x 26w x 9dp) and I've been scratching my head for weeks on what speaker to use. So far, I'm hung up between the Green Beret, the Reaper 30, and the Invader.

Looking for really good bright, jangly, chimey, sparkley cleans, when rolling the guitar volume back, and good thick classic rock crunch when you crank it back up.

Will be using little-to-no effects ever, just an Overdrive for boost.

Mojotone's TMB circuit has a JCM800 type preamp on the TMB channel but the way....

What say you????

05/27/2020 10:37am

"bright, jangly, chimey, sparkley cleans, when rolling the guitar volume back, and good thick classic rock crunch when you crank it back up"

Sooooo .... that makes me think of this: A while back I was at a buddy's studio and played through his rare vintage 2x10 18-watt Marshall. THAT nailed what you want! But I assume, you don't want to adapt the cabinet to a 2x10 ... soooo...
In a single 12, I'd 100% say the Blackhawk is the speaker that NAILS your tone in the center of the bulls-eye. And if you can't affort the AlNiCo, then a ET65.
Of the three you mentioned, I'd go with the GB. The Invader just does not do "bright, jangly, chimey, sparkley cleans" well, and the Reaper will possibly be too thick and warm for you.

05/27/2020 9:07pm

Sounds like you’re thinking of the Brian May effect when he rolls the volume down? You may need a Lo-Z input device like a Germanium Treble Booster or FF pedal for it to work like that. There are other ways to do it though. You can add a Lo-Z switch on the first stage of the TMB channel if you don’t mind the ~1kHz high end roll off. Those pedals have 5~10k Ohm inputs, but you wouldn’t need to go that low for the effect. Otherwise, I’d look into some type of cheap Lo-Z input pedal. Joyo may have something. I think BYOC.com does, but they may be closed down now.

Here’s a recent comparison of some WGS speakers with a JCA 22H amp:

I kinda like the Invader 50 and Reaper HP with that amp, but your 18W TMB channel might be very different. The ET65 sounds surprisingly dark compared to the others, assuming the mic placement was the same. At least we finally get to hear the Invader 50 compared to a G12M-65 -- very different. I guess the ET65 sounds similar to the G12M-65.

From what I see in my SPL graphs of the WGS clips is the Retro 30 has the same cone as the BlackHawk, but just a tad more 3.4kHz edgy. That would surely bring the chime, but it could be too bright for you. Something to consider is that the strongest peak of the Green Beret is right in the most sensitive 3-3.5kHz F-M loudness range. It’s like an early Pre Rola GB, but that would be the most ear-fatiguing of all the choices. A friend of mine went for the Reaper HP with his Matamp 18W. He likes it, but there is a lot of bass. The Celestion GB is a common choice for an 18W, so I don’t see how the stronger 4~6kHz chime and detail of the Invader 50 would be a problem. Maybe an ET90 would be a good compromise?