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Speaker for modded Marshall DSL15C

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04/02/2019 1:36am

First a little background... The amp is modded so the ultra-gain channel is somewhat tame, but still rips. The pre-amp tubes are all Tungsol 12ax7 and the power tubes are JJ 6V6s (the tungsol pres crunch nicely, and the JJ 6V6s sing (i think they might contribute to the brightness a little, but not much). I have used a Celestion G12H30 Anniversary and currently an old Celestion Vintage 30 in the amp, but still not satisfied. I have used both the WGS ET65 and HM75 in other amps and could not be happier. I am thinking of going with a WGS speaker for the Marshall DSL15C, but cannot make up my mind.

For the Marshall DSL15C, I basically like the 12" Celestion V30 speaker tone. However, I have to set my treble at about 1 and the presence at 0, and it is still bright.

I play blues rock, bluesy blues, electric blues, rock, some rockin country and some southern soul.

Anyway, I am thinking maybe the WGS Veteran 30 or the WGS ET65. I have considered some of the American style speakers, but they all seem to have that bright edge that I am trying to tame in my DSL15c amp.

I am looking for recommendations from WGS.

04/14/2019 12:49am

It has been early two weeks and not a peep out of anyone. It is too late now. You lost the sale and a customer.

Wm Anderson
04/17/2019 12:02pm

Generally Vaughn and Narcoleptigon_47048 are very good about replies, they have a lot of insight, but sometimes they may go a week or more before checking in. Just because your question was missed doesn't mean you were ignored, sometimes a friendly bump and reminder is necessary.

This isn't one of those sights with hundreds of posts a day. Heck, I pretty much only visit once a week to see what new interesting blog Vaughn has posted or what knowledgeable reply Vaughn or Narcoleptigon_47048 has posted.

04/18/2019 1:20am

Sorry, I didn't want to step on Vaughn's toes here. I'd wager he'd thumbs up the ET65 -- particularly good with those glassy JJ 6V6S. You might also try a deep/warm/smooth "long-plate" JJ ECC803S in the last 12ax7 slot. The TS 12AX7 is decent tube, but will sound more brittle when driven without substantial high end filtering.