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Speaker leads reversed?

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07/29/2019 11:07am

Got my first set of WGS Speakers for my Fender Vibroverb 63' RI. Decided on 2 G10C/S because the amp is a little brighter than I prefer. Got everything hooked up this morning (wired in parallel) and it sounded off, like way off! There was no depth at all, lacked any punch and "fullness" to them. Tried all sorts of wiring combinations/speaker swaps/wire changing, etc... Nothing work and they didn't sound like any description I heard (from WGS or user reviews). Then I noticed something that struck me as odd..... On the speakers I took out, the positive tabs were both on the right (both speakers with the tabs pointing north direction). However, on the WGS speakers, one was on the right, the other was on the left. By swapping the leads on one speaker was able to get the tones I was supposed to get, sounded amazing!!!

I'm not use to running 2x12/2x10 setups so I usually only have to hook up one speaker, is this something that's common with speaker manufacturing? Doesn't bother me that it is this way but I almost passed it off as the speakers just didn't sound good. Really glad I tried this.