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Speaker for Boss Katana

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John Stuckey
01/24/2019 9:20pm

Would the retro 30 be a good fit for a Katana head in a 1 x 12 cab that is 1/3 open back?

01/25/2019 6:27pm

It's brighter than most in the 4~6kHz range, but should be OK, especially if the Katana has the 3-pos speaker cab switch and you don't set the power to over 50W. I think the older Katana's have the cab switch in software, so it should be fine.

John Stuckey
01/25/2019 9:56pm

Would the et65 or 90 be a better choice?

01/26/2019 7:05pm

Define "better"? The Retro 30 and ET90 will be tighter, and brighter than the ET65, and probably with a bit more bass, better for a 1x12" cab. AFAIK, the ET90 also has the ~4.7kHz dip that softens the high end a bit. If you prefer a V30 over a G12-65 , you may prefer the Retro 30.

01/27/2019 5:50pm

Hi y'all! I renamed this thread to better represent the question.
For me ... I don't have enough info to make a single recommendation yet. As a general rule, these amps receive high praise ... here in Nashville folks think of them as a "poor mans Kemper" ... high praise indeed! As a modeling amp with five very distinct and very different voices, you should choose your speaker as the final overall voicing for the amp.

If you will be using ALL five modes equally, go with the ET90.
If you will primarily be using the higher gain voicings ... and want it to sound notably British, I'd go with a Retro 30.
If you will be playing mostly Clean, go with an ET65.