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Speaker for Blues Harp into a Laney LC15R?

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09/17/2019 3:04pm

I'm sitting here with my credit card in my hand wondering what to do.
I just bought a Laney LC15R and it has 3 x ECC83's and 2 x Matched EL84's.
I want to replace the speaker.
I am shooting for that Chicago style blues harmonica sound (early breakup, less of the sharp highs and a tight, heavy bottom).
Which 10" speaker would you recommend for me?
Thanks in advance.

09/28/2019 7:56pm

G10C/S :-)

10/06/2019 12:46am

Just wondering what you went with for that amp? The G10C/S is probably the fullest and most balanced 10" guitar speaker you can buy. A wide cloth dust cap is often used for harmonica, but not needed with that speaker. Good call, Vaughn.