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Speaker for aPRS Sonzera 20 amp

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Robert Templeton
12/11/2017 2:23pm

I have a PRS Sonzera 20 amp. It comes with a Celestion "V" 70 16ohm speaker. It has a closed back with a 3" x 12" port at the top of the back for cooling. FYI, if you're are not familiar with this amp it has 2 6L6 power tubes, a ECC83 in V1 and 12AX7AC5 in V2,3,&4. I play mostly country, with some classic rock and blues with a Tele set up pretty much like Brent Mason's. The stock speaker is bass heavy on the low end and a little thin on the high end. I tried changing to a WGS 12C/S 8ohm that I had in a 2-12 cabinet I have and that tightened things up a bit but it's still a little heavy on the low end. Any suggestions?

12/11/2017 6:48pm

If it's really just less low end you want, the G12Q might be worth a try. I'd say it has a sort of soft papery brightness with an extended high end that should be great with SC pickups. It's a vintage. Probably gets a bit rough when driven hard. Vaughn said the WGS speaker power ratings are conservative, so it should be fine with 20 watts. Can't think of a "clean" sounding speaker with reduced bass without going for some kind of low wattage speaker in the extensive (and more expensive) Weber line. If the G12Q sound appeals to you, I'd go for it. The same type in a Jensen or Weber is more expensive without necessarily being any better.

12/11/2017 7:56pm

After looking through the Weber site, the only similar-priced/low-wattage/reduced-bass/American-voiced option that may be a bit cleaner/crisper is the Ceramic Signature 12S. It will sound a little harder, like a WGS G12C with less bass, but I don't think it has the chime and sparkle of the G12Q. The Weber 12F125 series might have a sweeter and more-extended high end than the 12S, and with some custom options, but at ~2x the price.

Robert Templeton
12/13/2017 12:02pm

Narcoleptigon, thank you for your responses. It seems I have read that Vaughn has stated that the G12C/S is darker speaker than the G12C and I have listened to the sound clips here on the web site and that seems to be true somewhat. But it also seems that each speaker is played through a different amp and guitar so it's kind of hard to tell. Having said that I did like the sound of the G12C on the clean sample which I think was played with a Strat. I'm not necessarily looking for cleaner/crisper but tighter less boomy lows. I'm also wondering if a tube change might help? From 6L6 to 5881. All suggestions are welcome. Thanks again.

12/13/2017 7:09pm

Smooth cone 12" speakers don't generally have the 2~4kHz range peaks of ribbed cones, but the 4~6kHz level is about the same. The G12C is punchy crisp and balanced Fendery speaker that should sound great in that amp. I've read several rave reviews on other sites. You could try a 30watt Weber 12A125S or 12A125A if you don't mind to spending a little more. I'd choose 30watt in an open cab.

A 5881 tube will compress more than a 6L6GC. What exactly in all the tube slots now ?

Modern 6L6B types are like 5881. I'd probably opt for the JJ 5881 if you end up wanting a tube change. Might sound more "firm". I'd probably try a new speaker first.

12/20/2017 11:07am

Sooo ... sorry for jumping in late ... the forum was down for a minute there! Anyway...
The smoothcone is a very dark/warm speaker ... exactly the wrong thing!
The lightweight C12Q might just be it ... if you can live with a drop in overall volume.
The G12C (not smooth) will certainly NOT be boomy, and will add a good bit of Fender chime on top.
The ET65 will calm the bottom a little while keeping the top smooth.

Robert Templeton
12/22/2017 4:07pm

Thanks to both of you for your advice and recommendations. I finally decided to send the amp back. It just wasn't cuttin' for me. I'm going to go with the Fender Princeton Reverb Reissue Sweetwater edition with the tweed covering and the Eminence Cannabis Rex speaker. I played through a PRRI with the stock 10" and it sounded really good and I thought if it sounds this good with a 10 it would have to sound better with a 12. Maybe it's that "size matters" thing. HA! Then again I may be back on here looking for something else. Later!

12/22/2017 4:33pm

Interesting ... I didn't even know that amp existed! Post back here with your thoughts ... I'm curious now!