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Speaker for 57 Magnatone 260

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Erik Foster
12/29/2018 5:46pm

Ive been watching videos and looking up info for weeks on speakers for this amp. Its a dark amp with a lot of mid range. Runs about 30 watts but its a quiet 30 watts with the oxfords in it. I want to upgrade the speakers. The oxfords are good but i dont think rhey help the amp at all. its a 212 by the way. What im looking for is a speaker that will give me more top end, lower the mids and increase the bass a bit. They guys at wgs recommended the et65. I like the speaker but I wonder if it doesnt have enough top end to it for this amp. To give you an idea of ehat im using it for, i play in a country rock band which i will gig with it occasionally, I also love classic rock.. think tom petty, ccr, the stones etc. I know those are two opposite ends of the spectrum. Ill be playing clean and using pedals for dirt. Some ideas ive been close to pulling the trigfer on are the g12c and cs, but then there are some great british style speakers like the retro 30, and the reaper.. The et 65 sounds like a good choice too but again not sure about it having enough top end. I even thought about 2 g12qs. i think the green beret might have to much in the mids for this amp. If you have never heard one of these before thwy are not like the new ones. its 6l6 driven but really mid heavy and dark. Cool amp though. Any help is so much appreciated. I wanna pull the trigger on these as soon as possible. Thanks guys.

12/29/2018 8:13pm

Okay ... two camps here:
1) You want to stay fairly true to the vintage tone of the amp ... the easy answer here is a pair of G12Q's ... they will be a vast improvement over the tired Oxfords, but in the same general tone Territory.
...but it sounds like you want ...
2) To make this into an actual gigging work-horse ... so this is something entirely different! You'll want ONE G12C FOR SURE (ribbed, not smooth)! That will help a LOT with bringing in some serious upper-midrange/top-end to the amp, and adding a lot of volume. Two would probably be okay ... but ...
You say you also would like to add a bit of bottom end ... and so I'm going to recommend adding a Retro 30 to the G12C ... the Retro will bring in a lot of the more airy/chimey/sparkly top-end ... plus, a good bit of bottom end. This combination should make Maggie sing with the heart of a Lioness ... lacking nothing!
Oh ... yes, I'd say the ET65's would be WAY too tame on the top end for that old girl.

Erik Foster
12/29/2018 10:08pm

Fantastic advice! Thank you so much for your advise. Im going to pull the trigger on option 2. i like the idea of mixing both of those speakers. Thank you for taking the time to help me out and so quickly!

Erik Foster
12/30/2018 1:21pm

Thank you for taking the time to help me out and so quickly. I never thought of putting those two together. I ordered the g12c and retro 30, I’ll report back when I break in the speakers. Can’t wait to get them swapped in. Thanks again!

Erik Foster
01/05/2019 4:25pm

Vaughn! You really nailed it! I mever would have tried that combination and it really did exactly what i was looking for. Ive got more volume, more highs and lows and a bit less mids.. just enough to back them off.. It really sounds fantastic and it gets a bit of that chimey upper range with that retro 30. The speakers literally work fantastic together. I was a bit hesitant because ive had mixed speakers in other cabs and not liked it in the past, but this blew me away. I cant wait until they are broken in. Thank you for saving me a lot of time amd money searching through speakers. I cant thank you enough! Wgs got me them within just a few days after the holidays and im overly impressed with them. im a big wgs fan now!