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Speaker for 40w blackface combo.

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06/01/2020 10:20am

I've recently bought a new Winfield Elizabeth combo. It's a 1 X 12, 40 watt amp. Sounds similar to a pro reverb. I have an Eminence Texas heat in it which is too dark and bass heavy. I was wondering what you would recommend to give this combo the blackface shimmer on top and reign the bass in a bit. I play alt country/folk type music with strat/Tele/gretsch hollow body. I generally use pedals for gain which is generally quite light.
I use and love a G12q in a smaller amp and am looking for a similar sound from my big amp!

06/02/2020 8:15am

Just to update my post. I'm quite interested in the G12a in this as the sensitivity would allow me to crank my amp slightly. I'm more interested in American voiced speakers rather than the et-65 that you often recommend for blackface amp.
It would be interesting to here anyone's thoughts.

06/03/2020 5:48am

Probably gonna have to pick something with stronger high end rather than less bass. I think the Retro 30 is relatively tilted toward the high end, but that's a British sounding speaker. Like a ceramic powered Celestion Gold -- more bite than you might want. I'm thinking either an ET90, or a BlackHawk HP if you can afford it. The BH HP may have tighter bass than the ET90, along with that sweet AlNiCO clarity. The G12A is a super sweet speaker too, but I don't think it's as bright as the the HP. I don't think anything in the 40W+ range has the bass weakness of the G12Q (maybe from the fully ribbed cone as well as the low power magnet). I'd go with the BH HP. It would be a shame to compromise the sweet clarity of an amp like that with a flabby speaker.

I guess you could also use JJ 6V6S tubes in that amp for ~1/2 the power. Those a pretty bright sounding tubes. You could then opt for a lower-power/weaker-bass speaker as well. The Jensen P12Q might be an option. Weber also has some affordable AlNiCo 30W options. WGS doesn't have all the answers.

Some preamp tube brands sound brighter than others due to how much they compress and generate harmonics. Tung Sol 12ax7 are relatively bright. Maybe try one in the mix just to compare with what's in there now.

06/03/2020 8:11am

Thanks for the reply. The Blackhawk did cross my mind. I have some jj 6v6s and a Weber 12a150a sitting around I might try in it. I'm going to try the bias a bit lower on the current JJ 6l6's that are installed at the moment to see if that makes any difference too.

06/10/2020 12:08pm

Yeah ... I'm also a LITTLE concerned that you might loose too much bottom with the G12A ... but you also might love it ... however, I'm also a HUGE fan of the blackhawk HP ... and I'll also second the idea that you may end up loving the Ret 30 in that amp ... just forget that it's from the "British" line :-)

06/13/2020 6:33am

Thanks for the replies. I think I might give a Ret 30 a try having heard some demos of it. It sounds like it might be just what I'm looking for. They are readily available in the UK so I'll report back when I install it.

06/15/2020 9:48pm

Honestly, I'd try the 6V6S tubes and the 12a150a b4 spending more money. Do you need 40W?

11/18/2020 4:44am

I went with a Jupiter 12lc in the end. Really happy with it. A G12C basically I believe with a few tweeks. Really happy with it. Nice top end and the bass is reined in a bit. I don't crank the amp too much as it's a great pedal platform. Very pleased.